Affirmative action

Executive branch agencies with 100 or more employees must submit their affirmative action reports in the diversity section of the HR Management Report. Affirmative action availability and utilization data, segmented by workforce planning job group, is provided to agencies prior to October of each year. 

Agencies that wish to conduct a more detailed availability and utilization analysis may continue to do so. However, the detailed analysis should not be submitted as part of the report.

Agencies that don't participate in the HR Management Report will still be provided data and should respond to the questions.

Small agencies supported by the DES Small Agency Services Program

Small agencies with fewer than 100 employees will not be required to submit affirmative action plans or updates. 


WAC 357-25-025 requires agencies to maintain and submit policies on affirmative action and equal opportunity, reasonable accommodation, and sexual harassment:

  • The employer's affirmative action and equal employment opportunity policy statement must be reviewed and approved by the head of the agency, institution, or related higher education board each year.
  • The policy statements on sexual harassment and reasonable accommodation must be updated as needed.
  • Agencies (other than small agencies described above) must electronically submit current copies of all three policies by October 31 of each year. Policies should be submitted to the address listed at the end of this document.
  • Small agencies will submit their policies through DES's Small Agency Services Program

Sexual harassment prevention training

Agencies (other than small agencies described above) are to submit their training reports via the Human Resources Management Report and submit to by October 15th of each year.


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