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Diversity organizations resource list

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Diversity recruitment organizations

Organization Website What they do
Association of Latino Professionals for America A membership group of Hispanic certified public accountants that helps its members in their careers by providing scholarships, employment assistance and a newsletter.
American Indian Sciences and Engineering Society  
Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities Developed to increase opportunities for Hispanic students in education.
League of United Latin American Citizens The nation’s largest Hispanic membership organization seeking to improve the status of Hispanic persons in the United States.
National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering, Inc.
A non-profit corporation committed to bringing the talents of African Americans, Latinos and American Indians to the nation’s engineering workforce. Conducts research, provides scholarships, does demonstration projects and publishes educational materials.
Center for Asian American Media Formed to help Asian Americans enter into and progress in film, radio, TV and other media. It offers workshops and publishes a quarterly newsletter.
NAACP One of the oldest and largest organizations serving African Americans.
National Association of Black Accountants, Inc. This organization’s goals include, but are not limited to, helping minority students enter the accounting profession and representing the interests of minority accounting professionals.
National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education Organized to help ensure full use of the resources offered by the predominately black colleges. This organization is adding a job bank to its website.
National Bar Association Founded in 1925, the oldest and largest national association of African American attorneys, representing over 17,000 lawyers, judges, educators and law students.
National Coalition of Hispanic Health and Human Services Organizations A nationwide membership network of agencies, organizations and professionals involved in service delivery, research and training opportunities for Hispanic communities in the areas of health, mental health, human and youth services and advocacy.
National Consortium for Graduate Degrees for Minorities in Engineering and Science, Inc. "We are a unique and powerful connection to a national network of universities and employers. This partnership promotes the participation of underrepresented groups in post-graduate science and engineering education and the technical workforce. The employees shaping our nation's ability to remain a global leader in innovation and economic prosperity must fully utilize the talents of all Americans and reflect the country's changing demographics."
National Economics Association Concerned with encouraging blacks to enter the economics profession. Conducts research on the economic problems of the black community, publishes a quarterly, biennial directory and a job placement bulletin.
National Hispanic Bar Association A voluntary bar association working with the District of Columbia Association to ensure minority lawyers are accorded full rights and opportunities.
National Minority Faculty Identification Program Minority candidates for college and university teaching positions are invited to register for this service, which shares information on available college teachers with prospective employers. Colleges and universities wishing copies of the list must pay for the service.
National Society of Black Engineers Seeks to increase minority participation in engineering.
National Urban League Seeks full civil rights for minorities. Operates job training, placement and executive exchange programs, among others.
Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Formed in 1974 by a group of Hispanic engineers in the southern California area. It has student chapters in a number of campuses and 20 professional chapters located all over the country. It offers some scholarships, maintains a good job referral file and publishes a bimonthly newsletter.


Diversity recruiting sources

African American organizations

Organization Website

Association of Black Psychologists

Black Data Processing Associates

Black Career Women's Network

Blacks in Government

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

National Association of Black Accountants

National Association of Black Journalists

National Forum for Black Administrators

National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists & Chemical Engineers

National Society of Black Engineer

National Society of Black MBA’s

National Urban League

National Black Nurses Association

Black Enterprise

Black Voices

Equal Opportunity Publications, Inc.

EOE Journal


Asian American associations

Organization Website

Asian American Economic Development Enterprises, Inc.

Asian American Journalist Association

Asian Avenue

Asian/Pacific American Librarians Association

Asian Women in Business

Chinese American Librarians Association

Japanese American Citizens League

Korea-America Finance Association

Korean American Scientists and Engineers

Korean Women’s Association

National Asian Pacific American Bar Association

US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce

Jobs for bilinguals who speak English & Asian languages


Hispanic American associations

Organization Website

ASPIRA Association

Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies

Association of Latino Professionals in Finance & Accounting

Hispanic Public Relations Association

Latin American Management Association

Latin Business Association

League of United Latin American Citizens

Mexican American Unity Council

National Association of Hispanic Federal Employees

National Association of Hispanic Journalists

National Association of Hispanic Public Administrators

National Association of Latin Elected & Appointed Officials

National Association of Puerto Rican/Hispanic Social Workers Inc.

National Coalition of Hispanic Health & Human Services Organizations

National Council of La Raza

Hispanic Employment Program Managers

National Hispanic Corporate Council

National Hispanic Medical Association

National Society of Hispanic Professionals

National Society of Hispanic MBA’s

Professional Hispanics in Energy

Society for Advancement of Chicanos & Native Americans in Science

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

Hispanic Association of colleges and universities (Employers partner with the association to sponsor seminars and conferences designed to help companies network and recruit Hispanics and other minorities)

Hispanic – Job board for Hispanic & bilingual professionals

Saludos (joining Hispanic bilingual professionals with companies

Hispanic Jobs (Bilingual job opportunities for English-Spanish speaking professionals)


Native American organizations

Organization Website

American Indian Science & Engineering Society

Native American Journalists Association

Native American Public Telecommunications

Indian Country Today


Women’s organizations

Organization Website

American Business Women’s Association

American Society for Women Accountants

Association for Women in Science

Financial Women’s Association

National Women’s Studies Association

Society of Women Engineers

Association for Women in Computing

Women’s Information Network

Women in Technology

Association of Women in International Trade

Career Women

Network of Executive Women 
University of Washington Bothell School of Business Women's Alumni Council


Gay & lesbian organizations

General online networks

Disability organizations

Military veteran sites

Websites specializing in openings in the nonprofit environment

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