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Guidance for state agency employers when updating an employee’s electronic fund transfer (direct deposit) information

State Auditor’s Office data security incident

What happened?

We recently learned that someone may have gained unauthorized access to personal information for more than 1 million Washingtonians, including many state employees. The data breach involved Accellion, a private software service provider the State Auditor’s Office was using to transfer data. Accellion, the Auditor’s Office and law enforcement are investigating the incident.

Gov. Inslee issues directive to state agencies to freeze hiring, personal service contracts and equipment purchases

Gov. Jay Inslee issued a directive to executive and small cabinet agencies today to freeze all hiring, personal service contracts and equipment purchases. The directive aims to mitigate the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on Washington's economy and financial outlook.

Onboarding new employees during COVID-19 outbreak

This information helps organizations navigate issues related to novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and onboarding new hires. We hope this resource helps you make sound decisions in the workplace as you bring on new staff during this time. This guidance applies to general government employers. Higher education employers may choose to follow this guidance.

Please note: We will adjust these guidelines as we learn more about the spread and impacts of the virus.