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Select references to population density in Washington law

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  • RCW 36.70A.367: Growth management, major industrial developments - master planned locations
  • RCW 43.157.010: Projects of statewide significance
  • RCW 43.160.020: Economic development, public facilities loans and grants
  • RCW 43.168.020: Rural Washington loan fund
  • RCW 43.330.086: Coordination of community and economic development services, contracts with associate development organizations
  • RCW 52.12.135: Fire protection districts, interlocal agreements for ambulance services
  • RCW 53.08.005: Port district powers
  • RCW 70.94.6526: Washington clean air act, limited outdoor burning - permits issued by political subdivisions
  • RCW 79A.25.250: Public recreational lands, recreation and conservation funding board, acquisition, development, etc., of urban area parks
  • RCW 82.04.4483: Business and occupation tax credit, programming or manufacturing software in rural counties
  • RCW 82.14.370: Sales and use tax for public facilities in rural counties
  • RCW 82.16.0491: Public utility tax credit, contributions to an electric utility rural economic development revolving fund
  • RCW 82.60.020: Excise taxes, tax deferrals for investment projects in rural counties
  • RCW 84.34.240: Property taxes, acquisition of open space, etc., land or rights to future development by certain entities – conservation futures fund
  • RCW 84.52.052: Property taxes, excess levies authorized
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