Statutes relating to GMA projections

RCW 43.62.035 - State projection authority

The statue authorizes the Office of Financial Management (OFM) to prepare a 20 year growth management (GMA) population projections for all counties in Washington every five years. The projections are developed within the framework of expected state growth and are to provide a reasonable range of high and low growth for each county. This statute also specifies the population estimates that must be used to develop the ten-year growth rates that determine which counties must comply with GMA requirements. Before final adoption, OFM shall review the projections with local jurisdictions. Before or after final adoption, local governments may petition OFM directly for possible revisions to GMA projections.

RCW 36.70A.110 & RCW 36.70A.115 - Authority of local jurisdictions

Local governments shall ensure their planning policies and regulations are consistent with OFM population projections.

RCW 36.70A.040 - Who must comply with GMA requirements

Counties with a population of fifty thousand or more and have an increase of 17 percent or more over the last ten years must conform to all GMA requirements. Counties, regardless of the population size, which have 20 percent or more increase in the previous ten years. If OFM population projections indicate that counties, which were not required to comply with GMA previously, have sufficient growth to meet the population criteria, collective actions need to be taken by both the county and city officials to comply with the regulations (RCW 36.70A.040 (5)).

RCW 36.70A.280 - Authority of Growth Management Hearings Boards

The hearings boards have the authority to hear and determine petitions a) alleging failures to comply with the requirements of the GMA or b) claiming GMA population projections should be adjusted. In (2) through (4) this statute specifies the state, local jurisdictions planning under GMA, and other persons as defined may petition for a hearing.

RCW 36.70A.295 - Judicial authority

Under RCW 36.70A.295 (4b), the superior court shall not have jurisdiction to directly review or modify an OFM population projection. 

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