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The TRIP is currently leveraging Administrative Office of the Courts, Department of Licensing, Washington State Patrol, Department of Transportation, and Department of Health data to look in depth at how vehicle crashes impact the public health and public safety of Washington state residents. Through this linkage, TRIP can incorporate data for each stage of a crash, and the events occurring thereafter – from the roadway, to the crash, to police interaction, and to court interaction.

Reference and resources

Traffic Records Integration Program series

These series of reports will show the utility of integrating state records with Washington state crash records in effort to examine six core areas – crash, vehicle, driver, roadway, citation and adjudications, and injury surveillance.

Utility of Integrating Washington State Court Records with Washington State Crash Records - Feb. 2023

Utility of Integrating Washington State Crash Records with Washington State Ignition Interlock Device Data - April 2023 

Traffic Records Strategic Plan

This document describes the Office of Financial Management (OFM)’s Public Safety Policy and Research Center (PSPRC)’s the Traffic Records Integration Program (TRIP) three-year plan for data governance, integration and maintenance, and research and data analysis. In addition to outlining proposed projects for FY 2024 to FY 2027, the plan describes the TRIP and the PSPRC’s knowledge translation and dissemination plan.

Traffic Records Integration Program: Three- Year Strategic Plan: FY24-FY27 - Sept. 2023

Data briefs and research

A look at cohorts of Washington state multi-collision drivers from 2012 to 2019. The TRIP research brief looks at how many multi-collision drivers are on the road as well as trends in those seven cohorts.

Multi-collision drivers impact on Washington - June 2021

Comparing the contributing circumstances that lead to collisions from cohorts of multi-collision and single collision drivers in Washington state from 2012-2019.

Multi-Collision Drivers: Contributing Circumstances - Nov. 2021

The purpose of the following analysis of the Traffic Record Integration Program (TRIP) linkage is to provide baseline information of the injury categories from the DOT crash data which are linked to the WSP toxicology lab data. The analysis will focus on the frequency of non-fatal injuries in substance-related crashes.

Washington State Crash Injuries Involving Substances - Sept. 2023

The purpose of the following analysis is to explore drug data quality issues in DOT crash records and WSP toxicology records, and to provide information about the TRIP linkage between the DOT crash records and WSP toxicology records involving data quality issues regarding drugs.

Washington State Crashes Involving Drugs - Sept. 2023

The purpose of the following analysis is to provide information about TRIP linkage between the DOT crash records and WSP toxicology records focusing on alcohol-related crash records between the two datasets.

Washington State Alcohol-Related Crash Records - Sept. 2023


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