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Update on IT classification implementation

September 22, 2017

During July and August 2017 Statewide IT Position Evaluation teams evaluated over 4,000 IT position descriptions for placement in the new IT classification structure.  The project team is currently working with agency and institution HR offices to validate the initial evaluation results.  Additionally, scheduling of evaluations is in process for a number of positions that did not go through the evaluation process conducted during the formal evaluation sessions this summer. 

The remaining work to validate the initial evaluation results and finalize the compensation structure will not be completed in time to meet the statutory deadline of October 1st for a supplemental budget request.  As a result, the planned implementation date must be extended beyond July 2018. The change in the timeline will result in the implementation date moving forward one year to July 2019. This extension allows for ongoing engagement with stakeholders, assessment of impacts and sufficient time for labor engagement.

State HR will work with agency staff on the interim process for maintaining position descriptions in the current classification structure as we work toward July 2019.  There is no requirement to re-write and re-evaluate position descriptions because of the extension.  

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