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Budget systems improvements

One Washington is currently involved with two efforts to make budget system improvements:

Budget Development System Modernization

OFM partnered with Washington Technology Solutions (WaTech) to replace the enterprise Budget Development System (BDS) deployed to all state agencies as the sole means of generating and submitting biennial and supplemental budget requests to OFM and the Legislature. The new system is called the Agency Budget System (ABS) and it went live on June 11, 2018 with deployment to all state agencies. The Budget Systems Modernization project is an initiative under the umbrella of One Washington to develop an operating budget development tool using modern technology and functionality and meet enterprise and OFM business needs. Work began in August 2016 and the new ABS web application is now available for the 2019-21 biennial and 2019 supplemental budget development cycles. ABS provides a reliable method for agency budget submittals, which are now available to the public electronically on the new Agency Budget Requests (ABR) online repository.

Project Updates

Budget Line of Business Systems Modernization

OFM is partnering with WaTech to modernize the internal line of business applications used by OFM to manage the state budget process by leveraging LEAP-built applications. This suite of seven applications includes WinSum, BuildSum, Transportation Projects, Transportation Fund Balance, Fiscal Reports, Groupings, and Budget Outlook, which were implemented for the OFM Budget Division throughout 2016 and 2017.

Currently, additional modifications to meet OFM business needs, new features, and custom reports are being added to these systems.

To finish this project, Phase 4 will address integrations with ABS as well as the decommissioning of OFM legacy systems such as BudPub, RevSum, Fund Balance, Working Capital Reserve and the old version of WinSum.