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Account titles starting with L

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Account Code Account Title
22S Landlord Mitigation Program Account
030 Landowners Contingency Forest Fire Suppression Account
16B Landscape Architects' License Account
11P Large On-Site Sewage Systems Account
499 Law Enforcement Memorial Account
548 Law Enforcement Officers' and Firefighters Retirement System Plan 2 Expense Acct
06K Lead Paint Account
405 Legal Services Revolving Account
442 Legislative Gift Center Account
07L Legislative International Trade Account
14N Legislative Oral History Account
838 LEOFF Retirement System Benefits Improvement Account
547 Liability Account
20K Lic & Enforce Sys Modern proj acct
06T License Plate Technology Account
09K Life Sciences Discovery Account
08F Lighthouse Environmental Programs Account
104 Limited Fish and Wildlife Account
17W Limousine Carriers Account
107 Liquor Excise Tax Account
501 Liquor Revolving Account
823 Livestock Nutrient Management Account
180 Local Gov Administrative Hearings
441 Local Government Archives Account
01T Local Leasehold Excise Tax Account
185 Local Museum Account - Eastern Washington State Historical Society
184 Local Museum Account - Washington State Historical Society
768 Local Real Estate Excise Tax Account
034 Local Sales And Use Tax Account
06N Local Tax Administration Account
797 Local Tourism Promotion Account
567 Long-Term Services & Supports Trust Acct
578 Lottery Administrative Account
477 Lottery Investment Account
21L Low-Income Home Rehabilitation Revolving Loan Program Account
150 Low-Income Weatherization and Structural Rehab. Assistance Account