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Account listing by administering agency (active accounts)

0100 - Bond Retirement and Interest
Account Code Fund Title
449 Certificates of Participation and Other Financing Account - Local
739 Certificates of Participation and Other Financing Account - State
380 Debt-limit General Fund Bond Retirement Account
381 Debt-Limit Reimbursable Bond Retire Account
03A Excess Earnings Account
304 Ferry Bond Retirement Account
303 Highway Bond Retirement Account
382 Nondebt-Limit General Fund Bond Retirement Account
384 Nondebt-Limit Proprietary Appropriated Bond Retirement Account
385 Nondebt-Limit Proprietary Nonappropriated Bond Retirement Account
383 Nondebt-Limit Reimbursable Bond Retirement Account
386 Nondebt-Limit Revenue Bond Retirement Account
389 Toll Facility Bond Retirement Account
305 Trans Improvement Board Bond Retirement Account
0110 - House of Representatives
Account Code Fund Title
21J Gina Grant Bull Memorial Legislative Page Scholarship Account
14N Legislative Oral History Account
0120 - Senate
Account Code Fund Title
25E Rosa Franklin LEG Intern Schlshp Acct
0370 - Office of Legislative Support Services
Account Code Fund Title
442 Legislative Gift Center Account
0400 - Statute Law Committee
Account Code Fund Title
197 Statute Law Committee Publications Account
0550 - Administrative Office of the Courts
Account Code Fund Title
21M Distracted Driving Prevention Account
543 Judicial Information Systems Account
177 Judicial Retirement Administration Account
729 Judicial Retirement Principal Account
16A Judicial Stabilization Trust Account
11K Washington Auto Theft Prevention Authority Account
0750 - Office of the Governor
Account Code Fund Title
09R Economic Development Strategic Reserve Account
462 Gov Central Service Account
09K Life Sciences Discovery Account
0800 - Office of Lieutenant Governor
Account Code Fund Title
07L Legislative International Trade Account
0820 - Public Disclosure Commission
Account Code Fund Title
22W Public Disclosure Transparency Account
0830 - Washington State Leadership Board
Account Code Fund Title
26J WA State Leadership Board Spec Lic Plate
26H Washington State Leadership Board Acct
0850 - Office of the Secretary of State
Account Code Fund Title
12M Charitable Organization Education Account
549 Election Account
470 Imaging Account
441 Local Government Archives Account
006 Public Records Efficiency, Preservation & Access Acct
407 Secretary of State's Revolving Account
27M WA State Global War on Terror Memor Acct
24E WA State Library-Archives Building Acct
525 Washington State Combined Fund Drive Account
16F Washington State Flag Account
06H Washington State Legacy Project, State Library, and Archives Account
14E Washington State Library Operations Account
0900 - Office of State Treasurer
Account Code Fund Title
26F Billy Frank Jr Nat Statuary Hall Fund
734 Centennial Document Preservation and Modernization Account
03L County Criminal Justice Assistance Account
28K Crime Victim and Witness Assistance Acct
409 Investment Income Account
03M Municipal Criminal Justice Assistance Account
523 Public Funds Investment Account
847 Sep Managed State Agency Invest Acct
845 Separately Managed Public Funds Investment Account
456 Separately Managed State Treasurer's Service Account
404 State Treasurer's Service Account
01R Undistributed Receipts Account
0950 - Office of State Auditor
Account Code Fund Title
483 Auditing Services Revolving Account
413 Municipal Revolving Account
553 Performance Audits of Government Account
1000 - Office of Attorney General
Account Code Fund Title
424 Anti-Trust Revolving Account
19P Child Rescue Fund
22R Internet Consumer Access Account
405 Legal Services Revolving Account
12F Manufactured/Mobile Home Dispute Resolution Program Account
19A Medicaid Fraud Penalty Account
154 New Motor Vehicle Arbitration Account
27W Opioid Abatement Settlement Account
25V WA ST Atg Charitable Asset Prtcn Acct
27V WA ST Atg Humane Detention Account
1020 - Dept of Financial Institutions
Account Code Fund Title
300 Financial Services Regulation Account
07A Mortgage Lending Fraud Prosecution Account
16K Mortgage Recovery Fund Account
06J Securities Prosecution Account
1030 - Department of Commerce
Account Code Fund Title
12C Affordable Housing for All Account
19V Andy Hill Cancer Research Endowment Fund Match Transfer Account
26U Apple Health and Homes Account
15T Broadband Mapping Account
15J Building Communities Fund Account
26V Capital Community Assistance Account
731 Child Care Facility Revolving Acct
263 Community and Economic Development Fee Account
14H Community Preservation and Development Authority Account
27C Community Reinvestment Account
28G Covenant Homeownership Account
23H Defense Community Compatibility Account
833 Developmental Disabilities Endowment Trust Account
27K Digital Equity Account
28D Down Payment Assistance Account
22D Early Learning Facilities Development Account
22C Early Learning Facilities Revolving Account
27B Electric Vehicle Incentive Account
28B Employee Ownership Rev Loan Program Acct
195 Energy Account
22M Energy Efficiency Account
27A Energy Efficiency Revolving Loan Capital
27E Equitable Access to Credit Program Acct
14M Financial Fraud and Identity Theft Crimes Investigation and Prosecution Account
17L Foreclosure Fairness Account
285 Growth Management Planning and Environmental Review Account
746 Hanford Area Economic Investment
10B Home Security Fund Account
12R Independent Youth Housing Account
08E Individual Development Account Program Account
18A Investing In Innovation Account
22S Landlord Mitigation Program Account
06K Lead Paint Account
21L Low-Income Home Rehabilitation Account
150 Low-Income Weatherization and Structural Rehab. Assistance Account
25G Manufacturing Cluster Acceleration Account
205 Mobile Home Park Relocation Account
28Q Port District Equity Fund
777 Prostitution Prevention and Intervention Account
887 Public Facility Construction Loan Revolving Account
058 Public Works Assistance Account
26W Renewable Fuels Accelerator Account
689 Rural Washington Loan Account
21P Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Account
28S Stadium World Cup Capital Account
27F State Lands Dev Authority Capital Acct
27G State Lands Dev Authority Operating Acct
23J Statewide Broadband Account
22T Statewide Tourism Marketing Account
05M Tourism Development and Promotion Account
799 Washington Achieving a Better Life Experience Program Account
532 Washington Housing Trust Fund
551 Washington Youth and Families Account
1050 - Office of Financial Management
Account Code Fund Title
14B Budget Stabilization Account
26R Clean Energy Transition Workforce Acct
24M Climate Resiliency Account
373 Coronavirus Capital Projects Account
706 Coronavirus State Fiscal Recovery Fund
421 Education Technology Revolving Fund
749 Governor's ICSEW Account
455 Higher Education Personnel Services Account
28V Inflation Reduction Elective Pay Account
447 Information Technology Investment Revolving Account
16R Multiagency Permitting Team Account
468 OFM Central Service Account
436 OFM Labor Relations Service Account
415 Personnel Service Account
245 Public Safety Reimbursable Bond Account
816 Stadium and Exhibition Center Account
22A State Agency Office Relocation Pool Account
472 Statewide Information Tech System Maintenance & Operations Revolving Account
466 Statewide Information Technology System Development Revolving Account
707 Washington Rescue Plan Transition Acct
1070 - Wash State Health Care Authority
Account Code Fund Title
24L Ambulance Transport Fund
761 Basic Health Plan Subscription Acct
172 Basic Health Plan Trust Account
05C Criminal Justice Treatment Account
28R Family Medicine Workforce Development Account
28W Fern Lodge Maintenance Account
08G Flexible Spending Administrative Account
17T Health Benefit Exchange Account
16W Hospital Safety Net Assessment Account
23L Indian Health Improvement Reinvest Acct
08J Prescription Drug Consortium Account
08K Problem Gambling Account
730 Public Employee/Retiree Ins Reserve
721 Public Employees' and Retirees Insurance Account
165 Salary Reduction Account
475 School Employees' Benefits Board Dental Benefits Administration Account
474 School Employees' Benefits Board Flexible Spending and Dependent Care Admin Acct
473 School Employees' Benefits Board Insurance Reserve Fund
494 School Employees' Benefits Board Medical Benefits Administrative Account
802 School Employees' Benefits Board Salary Reduction Account
493 School Employees' Insurance Account
492 School Employees' Insurance Admin Acct
418 St Health Care Authority Admin Acct
25M State Health Care Affordability Account
24V Telebehavioral Health Access Account
29A Tribal Opioid Prevention and Treatment Account
438 Uniform Dental Plan Benefits Administration Account
439 Uniform Medical Plan Benefits Administration Account
1100 - Office of Administrative Hearings
Account Code Fund Title
484 Administrative Hearings Revolving Account
180 Local Gov Administrative Hearings
1160 - State Lottery Commission
Account Code Fund Title
578 Lottery Administrative Account
433 Shared Game Lottery Account
577 State Lottery Account
1170 - Washington State Gambling Comm
Account Code Fund Title
884 Gambling Revolving Account
1240 - Department of Retirement Systems
Account Code Fund Title
888 Deferred Compensation Administrative Account
722 Deferred Compensation Principal Account
600 Department of Retirement Systems Expense Account
664 Higher Ed Rtmt Plan Sppl Ben Fund - CWU
663 Higher Ed Rtmt Plan Sppl Ben Fund - EWU
665 Higher Ed Rtmt Plan Sppl Ben Fund - TESC
661 Higher Ed Rtmt Plan Sppl Ben Fund - UW
662 Higher Ed Rtmt Plan Sppl Ben Fund - WSU
667 Higher Ed Rtmt Plan Sppl Ben Fund - WWU
668 Higher Ed Rtmt Plan Sppl Ben Fund -SBCTC
844 Money-Purchase Retire Savings Admin Acct
874 OASI Revolving Account
641 Public Employees' Retirement System Combined Plan 2 and 3 Account
631 Public Employees' Retirement System Plan I Account
635 Public Safety Employees' Retirement System Plan 2 Account
633 School Employees Combined Plan 2 & 3
642 Teachers' Combined Retirement Plan II and III
632 Teachers' Retirement System Plan I Account
616 The Judges' Retirement Account
882 Washington Judicial Retirement Account
819 Washington Law Enforcement Officers & Firefighters' System Plan I RetirementAcc
829 Washington Law Enforcement Officers & Firefighters' System Plan II Retirement Ac
615 Washington State Patrol Retirement System Plan 1 Account
630 Washington State Patrol Retirement System Plan 2 Account
1260 - State Investment Board
Account Code Fund Title
601 Agricultural Permanent Account
604 Normal School Permanent Account
801 Opportunity Scholarship Cust Acct
605 Permanent Common School Account
606 Scientific Permanent Account
865 SIB Commingled Trust Account
795 State Investment Board Commingled Monthly Bond Account
031 State Investment Board Expense Account
607 State University Permanent Account
1400 - Department of Revenue
Account Code Fund Title
527 Administrator for Intestate Estates Account
03N Business License Account
09P City-County Assistance Account
17A County 911 Excise Tax Account
107 Liquor Excise Tax Account
01T Local Leasehold Excise Tax Account
768 Local Real Estate Excise Tax Account
034 Local Sales And Use Tax Account
06N Local Tax Administration Account
797 Local Tourism Promotion Account
25D Manufac and Warehousing Job Ctrs Acct
20M Puget Sound Tax Accountability Account
16C Real Estate and Property Tax Administration Assistance Account
28J Renewable Energy Local Benefit Account
02W Timber Tax Distribution Account
196 Unclaimed Personal Property Account
1470 - Off of Minority & Women's Business
Account Code Fund Title
453 OMWBE Enterprises Account
1600 - Office of Insurance Commissioner
Account Code Fund Title
15W Guaranteed Asset Protection Waiver Account
793 Health Insurance Pool Account
24P Insurance Commissioner's Fraud Account
138 Insurance Commissioners Regulatory Account
1630 - Washington Technology Solutions
Account Code Fund Title
458 Washington Technology Solutions Revolving Account
1650 - State Board of Accountancy
Account Code Fund Title
02J Certified Public Accountants' Account
20D Certified Public Accounting Scholarship Transfer Account
1660 - Bd of Reg-Prof Engineers/Land Surveyors
Account Code Fund Title
024 Professional Engineers' Account
1790 - Department of Enterprise Services
Account Code Fund Title
084 Building Code Council Account
036 Capitol Building Construction Account
733 Capitol Campus Reserve Account
07T Commemorative Works Account
24R Energy Independence Act Special Account
422 Enterprise Services Account
547 Liability Account
546 Risk Management Administration Account
045 State Vehicle Parking Account
289 Thurston County Capital Facilities Account
28L WA State Eastern WA Cult Land Feat Acct
1850 - Washington Horse Racing Commission
Account Code Fund Title
497 Horse Racing Commission Class C Purse Fund Account
169 Horse Racing Commission Operating Account
485 Horse Racing Commission Washington Bred Owners Bonus Fund and Breeder Awards
1950 - Liquor and Cannabis Board
Account Code Fund Title
315 Dedicated Cannabis Account
501 Liquor Revolving Account
775 Seized Contraband Account
2050 - Board of Pilotage Commissioners
Account Code Fund Title
025 Pilotage Account
2150 - Utilities and Transportation Comm
Account Code Fund Title
18N Damage Prevention Account
080 Grade Crossing Protective Account
297 Pipeline Safety Account
111 Public Service Revolving Account
19J Universal Communications Services Acct
2200 - Bd for Vol Firefighter and Res Off
Account Code Fund Title
624 Resrv Officers' Relief/Pension Prin Fund
204 Volunteer Firefighters' and Reserve Officers' Administrative Account
614 Volunteer Firefighters' Relief and Pension Principal Fund
2250 - Washington State Patrol
Account Code Fund Title
02K Death Investigations Account
515 DNA Data Base Account
141 Federal Seizure Account
225 Fingerprint Identification Account
27U Fire Protection Compliance Account
210 Fire Protection Contractor License Account
086 Fire Service Training Account
03P Fire Service Trust Account
14W Reduced Cigarette Ignition Propensity Account
23K Smoke Detection Device Awareness Acct
24T State Firearms Backgrd Check System Acct
081 State Patrol Highway Account
471 State Patrol Nonappropriated Airplane Revolving Account
226 State Seizure Account
04V Vehicle License Fraud Account
2270 - WA ST Criminal Justice Train Comm
Account Code Fund Title
18K 24/7 Sobriety Account
328 CJTC Firing Range Maint Acct
20E Washington Internet Crimes Against Children Account
2280 - Wash Traffic Safety Commission
Account Code Fund Title
24Q Cooper Jones Active Transpor Safety Acct
780 School Zone Safety Account
23G Vulnerable Roadway User Education Acct
2350 - Department of Labor and Industries
Account Code Fund Title
608 Accident Account
610 Accident Reserve Account
03B Asbestos Account
21V Construction Registration Inspection Account
01F Crime Victims' Compensation Account
27D Driver Resource Center Fund
095 Electrical License Account
162 Farm Labor Contractor Account
28H Homeowner Recovery Account
03K Industrial Insurance Premium Refund Account
446 Industrial Insurance Rainy Day Fund Acct
262 Manufactured Home Installation Training Account
609 Medical Aid Account
885 Plumbing Certificate Account
892 Pressure Systems Safety Account
234 Public Works Administration Account
883 Second Injury Account
596 Self-Insurance Reserve Fund
445 Self-Insured Employer Overpayment Reimbursement Account
881 Supplemental Pension Account
28N Surgical Smoke Evacuation Account
163 Worker and Community Right-to-Know Account
2400 - Department of Licensing
Account Code Fund Title
19E 4-H Programs Account
22J Abandoned Recreational Vehicle Disposal Account
24K Agency Financial Transaction Account
16M Appraisal Management Company Account
003 Architects' License Account
06L Business and Professions Account
21E Concealed Pistol License Renewal Notification Account
23T Congestion Relief Traffic Safety Account
23C Department of Licensing Tuition Recovery Trust Fund
201 DOL Services Account
19T DOL Tech Improve and Data Mgmnt Account
25U DOL Wage Lien Account
25W Driver Licensing Technology Support Acct
21F Fred Hutch Account
15V Funeral and Cemetery Account
298 Geologists' Account
08C Gonzaga University Alumni Association Account
07J Helping Kids Speak Account
737 High Occupancy Vehicle Account
106 Highway Safety Account
14V Ignition Interlock Device Revolving Account
281 Impaired Driving Safety Account
16B Landscape Architects' License Account
499 Law Enforcement Memorial Account
06T License Plate Technology Account
08F Lighthouse Environmental Programs Account
17W Limousine Carriers Account
048 Marine Fuel Tax Refund Account
757 Maritime Historic Restoration and Preservation Account
082 Motorcycle Safety Education Account
18M Music Matters Awareness Account
07B Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Account
26S Patches Pal License Plate Account
06G Real Estate Appraiser Commission Account
026 Real Estate Commission Account
04F Real Estate Education Program Account
06R Real Estate Research Account
24C San Juan Islands Programs Account
22Q Seattle Mariners Account
24S Seattle Nhl Hockey Account
19F Seattle Seahawks Account
18R Seattle Sounders FC Account
24D Seattle Storm Account
19M Seattle University Account
10F Share the Road Account
08L Ski & Ride Washington Account
07K Special License Plate Application Trust Account
20A State Flower Account
04E Uniform Commercial Code Account
17V Volunteer Firefighters Account
25A Washington Apples Account
20G Washington Farmers and Ranchers Account
21G Washington State Aviation Account
498 Washington State Council of Firefighters Benevolent Account
21A Washington State Wrestling Account
20W Washington Tennis Account
27N Washington Wine License Plate Account
08W Washington's National Park Fund Account
09A We Love Our Pets Account
2450 - Military Department
Account Code Fund Title
03F 911 Account
05H Disaster Response Account
25L Mil Purple Heart State Account
14R Military Department Active State Service Account
364 Military Department Capital Account
08H Military Department Rent and Lease Account
28A State Hazard Mitigation Revl Loan Acct
12H Uniformed Service Shared Leave Pool Account
3000 - Dept of Social and Health Services
Account Code Fund Title
274 Adult Family Home Account
12E Assisted Living Facility Temporary Management Account
042 Charitable, Educational, Penal, and Reformatory Institutions Account
851 Developmental Disabilities Community Services Account
07W Domestic Violence Prevention Account
753 DSHS Child Support Service Account
738 DSHS Trust Account
283 Juvenile Accountability Incentive Account
20P Nursing Facility Quality Enhancement Account
732 Nursing Home Civil Penalties Account
19R Residential Services and Support Account
562 Skilled Nursing Facility Net Trust Fund
075 State Social and Health Services Construction Account
12T Traumatic Brain Injury Account
3030 - Department of Health
Account Code Fund Title
15M Biotoxin Account
704 Covid-19 Public Health Response Account
04R Drinking Water Assistance Account
05R Drinking Water Assistance Administrative Account
03C Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Care Systems Trust Account
24B Foundational Public Health Services Acct
02G Health Professions Account
002 Hospital Data Collection Account
11R Hospital Infection Control Grant Account
821 Impaired Physician Account
11P Large On-Site Sewage Systems Account
27R Med for People Living W/HIV Rebate Rev
202 Medical Test Site Licensure Account
09L Nursing Resource Center Account
319 Public Health Supplemental Account
893 Radiation Perpetual Maintenance Account
03R Safe Drinking Water Account
22U Secure Drug Take-back Program Account
25N Stwd 988 Behav Hlth & Suicide Prev Line
21T Suicide-safer Homes Project Account
214 Temporary Worker Housing Account
828 Tobacco Prevention and Control Account
16G Universal Vaccine Purchase Account
04W Waterworks Operator Certification
235 Youth Tobacco and Vapor Products Prevention Account
3050 - Department of Veterans Affairs
Account Code Fund Title
16N Disabled Veterans Assistance Account
25K DVA Purple Heart State Account
11V Veteran Estate Management Account
27H Veterans & Mil Mmbrs Suicide Prev Acct
10K Veterans Innovations Program Account
24F Veterans Service Officer Account
08V Veterans Stewardship Account
213 Veterans' Emblem Account
21U Veterans' In-State Service Shared Leave Pool Account
526 Veterans' Memorial Account
3070 - Department of Children, Youth, and Famil
Account Code Fund Title
133 Children's Trust Account
21R DCYF Contracted Services Performance Improvement Account
20L Early Start Account
25H Fair Start for Kids Account
636 Foster Care Trust Account
22H Foster Parent Shared Leave Pool Account
17B Home Visiting Services Account
17M Indivi-Based/Portable Background Check Clearance Acct
755 Programs for Children and Families Account
3100 - Department of Corrections
Account Code Fund Title
644 Community Services Revolving Account
401 Correctional Industries Account
206 Cost of Supervision Account
01N Institutional Impact Account
575 Vocational Education Revolving Account - Correctional Institutions
3150 - Dept of Services for the Blind
Account Code Fund Title
02H Business Enterprises Revolving Account
3400 - Student Achievement Council
Account Code Fund Title
788 Advanced College Tuition Payment Program Account
17R Aerospace Training Student Loan Account
842 American Indian Scholarship Endowment Account
24A Behavioral Health Loan Repayment and Scholarship Program Account
773 Com on Higher Education Professional Student Exchange Program Trust Acct
496 Educator Conditional Scholarship Account
08B Foster Care Endowed Scholarship Trust Account
852 Foster Care Scholarship Endowment Account
835 Four Year Student Child Care in Higher Education Account
12N GET Ready for Math and Science Scholarship Account
747 Health Professionals Loan Repayment and Scholarship Program Account
22B Highway Worker Memorial Scholarship Account
22V Medical Student Loan Account
18H Opportunity Expansion Account
18G Opportunity Scholarship Match Transfer A
23B Rural Jobs Program Match Transfer Account
785 State Educational Trust Fund Account
08N State Financial Aid Account
23D Student Achievement Council Tuition Recovery Trust Fund
23A Student Loan Advocate Account
24W Undocumented Student Support Loan Match
748 WA Career and College Pathways Innovation Challenge Program Account
17F WA Opportunity Pathways Account
463 Washington College Savings Program Account
653 Washington Distinguished Professor Trust Account
534 Washington Graduate Fellowship Trust Account
26T Washington Student Loan Account
24J Workforce Education Investment Account
3410 - LEOFF Plan 2 Retirement Board
Account Code Fund Title
548 Law Enforcement Officers' and Firefighters Retirement System Plan 2 Expense Acct
838 LEOFF Retirement System Benefits Improvement Account
3500 - Supt of Public Instruction
Account Code Fund Title
763 Center Improvement Of Student Learn
27S Child Sexual Abuse/Trafficking Prev
113 Common School Construction Account
291 Education Savings Account
18E Educator Certification Processing Account
25C Elem & Sec School Emerg Relief III Acct
536 Federal Food Service Revolving Account
878 Federal Forest Revolving Account
480 Financial Education Public-Private Partnership Account
18F High School Completion Account
21W K-12 Criminal Background Check Account
18C Native Education Public-Private Partnership Acct
23F Open Educational Resources Account
359 School Construction and Skill Centers Building Account
26K School Seismic Safety Grant Program Acco
18V Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education Lighthouse Account
416 Surplus & Donated Food Commodities Revolving Account
23E Washington History Day Account
3510 - State School for the Blind
Account Code Fund Title
19B School for the Blind Account
3530 - Deaf and Hard of Hearing Youth
Account Code Fund Title
19H Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Youth Account
3540 - Workforce Train & Educ Coord Board
Account Code Fund Title
503 Tuition Recovery Trust Account
3550 - Archaeology & Historic Preservation
Account Code Fund Title
14P Skeletal Human Remains Assistance Account
09T Washington Main Street Trust Fund Account
3590 - Washington Charter School Commission
Account Code Fund Title
19L Charter Schools Oversight Account
3600 - University of Washington
Account Code Fund Title
12P Geoduck Aquaculture Research Account
403 Self-Insurance Revolving Account
348 University of Washington Bond Retirement Account
064 University of Washington Building Account
387 University of Washington Facilities Bond Retirement Account
505 University of Washington Hospital
774 UW License Plate Account
260 UW Operating Fees Account
3650 - Washington State University
Account Code Fund Title
15N Business Assistance Account
482 Dairy/Forage Facility Revolving Account
15B Food Animal Veterinarian Conditional Scholarship Account
143 Inst of Higher Educ Morrill-Bankhead-Jones Act Acct - Federal Approps Account
347 Washington State University Bond Retirement Account
062 Washington State University Building Account
776 WSU License Plate Account
271 WSU Operating Fees Account
3700 - Eastern Washington University
Account Code Fund Title
061 Eastern Washington University Capital Projects Account
779 EWU License Plate Account
3750 - Central Washington University
Account Code Fund Title
063 Central Washington University Capital Projects Account
783 CWU License Plate Account
275 CWU Operating Fees Account
3760 - The Evergreen State College
Account Code Fund Title
066 The Evergreen State College Capital Projects Account
786 The Evergreen State College License Plate Account
3800 - Western Washington University
Account Code Fund Title
841 G. Robert Ross Endowment Account
065 Western Washington University Capital Projects Account
778 WWU License Plate Account
3870 - Washington State Arts Commission
Account Code Fund Title
11M Poet Laureate Account
3900 - Washington State Historical Society
Account Code Fund Title
834 Capitol Furnishings Preservation Committee Account
184 Local Museum Account - Washington State Historical Society
3950 - East Wash State Historical Society
Account Code Fund Title
185 Local Museum Account - Eastern Washington State Historical Society
4050 - Department of Transportation
Account Code Fund Title
880 Advance Right-Of-Way Revolving Account
789 Advanced Environmental Mitigation Revolving Account
039 Aeronautics Account
535 Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Project Account
18J Capital Vessel Replacement Account
26A Carbon Emissions Reduction Account
26M Climate Active Transportation Account
26N Climate Transit Programs Account
17N Complete Streets Grant Program Account
20H Connecting Washington Account
25J DOT Purple Heart State Account
20J Electric Vehicle Account
02M Essential Rail Assistance Account
688 Federal Local Rail Service Assistance
096 Highway Infrastructure Account
595 Interstate 405 and State Route Number 167 Express Toll Lanes Account
432 King Street Railroad Station Facility Account
784 Miscellaneous Transportation Programs
108 Motor Vehicle Account
26P Move Ahead WA Account
26Q Move Ahead WA Flexible Account
218 Multimodal Transportation Account
571 Multiuse Roadway Safety Account
07N Produce Railcar Pool Account
22L Public Use General Aviation Airport Loan Revolving Account
099 Puget Sound Capital Construction Account
109 Puget Sound Ferry Operations Account
23S Puget Sound Gateway Facility Account
097 Recreational Vehicle Account
11B Regional Mobility Grant Program Account
490 Regional Transportation Investment District Account
153 Rural Mobility Grant Program Account
215 Special Category C Account
17P State Route Number 520 Civil Penalties Account
16J State Route Number 520 Corridor Account
511 Tacoma Narrows Toll Bridge Account
495 Toll Collection Account
550 Transportation 2003 Account (Nickel Account)
410 Transportation Equipment Account
20N Transportation Future Funding Program Account
094 Transportation Infrastructure Account
08T Transportation Innovative Partnership Account
09H Transportation Partnership Account
4060 - County Road Administration Board
Account Code Fund Title
186 County Arterial Preservation Account
23M County Rd Admin Brd Emergency Loan Acct
102 Rural Arterial Trust Account
4070 - Transportation Improvement Board
Account Code Fund Title
08M Small City Pavement and Sidewalk Account
144 Transportation Improvement Account
4110 - Freight Mobility Strategic Invest
Account Code Fund Title
09E Freight Mobility Investment Account
11E Freight Mobility Multimodal Account
4610 - Department of Ecology
Account Code Fund Title
219 Air Operating Permit Account
216 Air Pollution Control Account
26E Air Qual Health Disparities Impvmt Acct
10A Aquatic Algae Control Account
116 Basic Data Account
199 Biosolids Permit Account
21B Chehalis Basin Account
367 Chehalis Basin Taxable Account
28U Clean Fuels Credit Account
25Q Clean Fuels Program Account
28F Clean Fuels Trans Investment Account
15H Cleanup Settlement Account
26C Climate Commitment Account
26B Climate Investment Account
408 Coastal Protection Account
18B Columbia River Basin Tax Bond Water Supply Dev Acct
10P Columbia River Basin Water Supply Development Account
296 Columbia River Basin Water Supply Revenue Recovery Acct
15K Columbia River Water Delivery Account
19N Diesel Idle Reduction Account
11J Electronic Products Recycling Account
28E Emergency Drought Response Account
02P Flood Control Assistance Account
222 Freshwater Aquatic Weeds Account
207 Hazardous Waste Assistance Account
16T Mercury-Containing Light Product Stewardship Programs Account
23N Model Toxics Control Capital Account
23P Model Toxics Control Operating Account
23R Model Toxics Control Stormwater Account
26D Natural Climate Solutions Account
217 Oil Spill Prevention Account
223 Oil Spill Response Account
23W Paint Product Stewardship Account
500 Perpetual Surveillance and Maintenance Account
22G Photovoltaic Module Recycling Account
27P Price Ceiling Unit Emission Reduction in
20R Radioactive Mixed Waste Account
027 Reclamation Account
25R Recycled Content Account
25S Recycling Enhancement Account
25T Refrigerant Emission Management Account
28C Responsible Battery Management Account
125 Site Closure Account
072 State and Local Improvements Revolving Account (Water Supply Facilities)
05W State Drought Preparedness Account
032 State Emergency Water Projects Revolving Account
182 Underground Storage Tank Account
23V Voluntary Cleanup Account
044 Waste Reduction/Recycling/Litter Control
08R Waste Tire Removal Account
21H Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Certification Account
564 Water Pollution Control Revol Admin
727 Water Pollution Control Revolv Acct
176 Water Quality Permit Account
16V Water Rights Processing Account
10G Water Rights Tracking System Account
22K Watershed Restoration and Enhancement Account
366 Watershed Restoration and Enhancement Bond Account
377 Watershed Restoration and Enhancement Taxable Bond Account
160 Wood Stove Education and Enforcement Account
565 Yakima Integ Plan Implem Revenue Recovery Account
20C Yakima Integrated Plan Implem Taxable Bond Account
19K Yakima Integrated Plan Implementation Account
4620 - WA Pollution Liab Insurance Program
Account Code Fund Title
545 Heating Oil Pollution Liability Trust Account
20T PLIA Underground Storage Tank Revolving Account
544 Pollution Liability Insurance Program Trust Account
4630 - Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council
Account Code Fund Title
26G Energy Facility Site Eval Council Acct
4650 - State Parks and Recreation Comm
Account Code Fund Title
09B Boating Safety Education Certification Account
781 Cross-State Trail Account
018 Millersylvania Park Current Account
603 Millersylvania Park Trust Account
12L Outdoor Education and Recreation Program Account
02N Parkland Acquisition Account
159 Parks Improvement Account
269 Parks Renewal and Stewardship Account
237 Recreation Access Pass Account
01M Snowmobile Account
08P State Parks Education and Enhancement Account
007 Winter Recreation Program Account
4670 - Recreation and Conservation Funding Boar
Account Code Fund Title
12J Boating Activities Account
09C Farm and Forest Account
146 Firearms Range Account
244 Habitat Conservation Account
268 NOVA Program Account
070 Outdoor Recreation Account
267 Recreation Resources Account
09G Riparian Protection Account
06A Salmon Recovery Account
818 Youth Athletic Facility Account
4710 - State Conservation Commission
Account Code Fund Title
514 Agricultural Conservation Easements Account
552 Conservation Assistance Revolving Account
24U Sustainable Farms and Fields Account
4770 - Department of Fish and Wildlife
Account Code Fund Title
21S Aquatic Invasive Species Management Account
14G Ballast Water and Biofouling Management Account
259 Coastal Crab Account
07F Commercial Fisheries Buyback Account
098 Eastern Washington Pheasant Enhancement Account
07V Fish & Wildlife Enforcement Reward Account
444 Fish and Wildlife Equipment Revolving Account
22N Fish and Wildlife Federal Lands Revolving Account
24N Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Account
25F Forest Resiliency Account
18L Hydraulic Project Approval Account
104 Limited Fish and Wildlife Account
507 Oyster Reserve Land Account
320 Puget Sound Crab Pot Buoy Tag Account
04M Recreational Fisheries Enhancement
209 Regional Fisheries Enhancement Group Account
200 Regional Fisheries Enhancement Salmonid Recovery Account
12G Rockfish Research Account
110 Special Wildlife Account
071 Warm Water Game Fish Account
09J Washington Coastal Crab Pot Buoy Tag Account
14A Wildlife Rehabilitation Account
19W Wolf-Livestock Conflict Account
4780 - Puget Sound Partnership
Account Code Fund Title
10T Hood Canal Aquatic Rehabilitation Bond Account
14C Puget Sound Recovery Account
12K Puget Sound Scientific Research Account
4900 - Department of Natural Resources
Account Code Fund Title
198 Access Road Revolving Account
830 Agricultural College Trust Management Account
158 Aquatic Land Dredged Material Disposal Site Account
02R Aquatic Lands Enhancement Account
189 Clark-McNary Account
566 Community Forest Trust Account
07E Contract Harvesting Revolving Account
27T Derelict Structure Removal Account
513 Derelict Vessel Removal Account
28P Fallen Firefighter Memorial Account
11H Forest and Fish Support Account
014 Forest Development Account
190 Forest Fire Protection Assessment Account
21Q Forest Health Revolving Account
19C Forest Practices Application Account
01E Geothermal Account
28M Land Bank Account
030 Landowners Contingency Forest Fire Suppression Account
16P Marine Resources Stwdship Trust
04B Nat Res Real Property Replacement
167 Natural Resources Conservation Areas Stewardship Account
660 Natural Resources Deposit Account
411 Natural Resources Equipment Account
22P Natural Resources Federal Lands Revolving Account
01B ORV & Nonhighway Vehicle Account
087 Park Land Trust Revolving Account
041 Resource Management Cost Account
16E Specialized Forest Products Outreach and Education Account
193 State Forest Nursery Revolving Account
04H Surface Mining Reclamation Account
02A Surveys and Maps Account
25P Wildfire Resp Forest Restor & Comm Resil
4950 - Department of Agriculture
Account Code Fund Title
28T Agricult Pest & Disease Response Account
126 Agricultural Local Account
131 Fair Account
516 Fruit and Vegetable Inspection Account
128 Grain Inspection Revolving Account
24G Hemp Regulatory Account
823 Livestock Nutrient Management Account
21N Northeast Washington Wolf-Livestock Management Account
687 Rural Rehabilitation Account
5400 - Employment Security Department
Account Code Fund Title
16L Accessible Communities Account
120 Administrative Contingency Account
24H Career Connected Learning Account
703 Covid-19 Unemployment Account
134 Employment Service Administrative Account
22E Family and Medical Leave Enforcement Account
22F Family and Medical Leave Insurance Account
567 Long-Term Services & Supports Trust Acct
877 OASI Contribution Account
620 Unemployment Compensation Account
119 Unemployment Compensation Administration Account
622 Unemployment Compensation Federal Employees' Benefit Payment Account
25B Unemployment Insurance Relief Account
6990 - Community/Technical College System
Account Code Fund Title
743 College Faculty Awards Trust Account
246 Comm/Tech College Forest Reserve Account
561 Comm/Tech College Innovation Account
060 Community/Technical College Capital Projects Account
11A Employment Training Finance Account
15R Evergreen Jobs Training Account
147 Institutions of Higher Education - Plant Accounts
20F Invest in Washington Account
17C Opportunity Express Account
7000 - OFM Financial Statement Control
Account Code Fund Title
253 Education Construction Account
08A Education Legacy Trust Account
357 Gardner-Evans Higher Education Construction Account
001 General Fund
489 Pension Funding Stabilization Account
708 Salary/Insurance Contrib Increase Revolv
290 Savings Incentive Account
277 State Agency Parking Account
057 State Building Construction Account
035 State Payroll Revolving Account
355 State Taxable Building Construction Account
01P Suspense Account
825 Tobacco Settlement Account
7010 - Treasurer's Transfers
Account Code Fund Title
076 Treasury Income Account
LCL0 - Locally by each agency
Account Code Fund Title
790 Community College Clearing Account
649 Discrete Component Units Processing Account
843 Exceptional Faculty Awards Endowment Account
997 General Capital Assets Subsidiary
999 General Long Term Obligations Subsidiary
846 Grant-In-Aid Scholarship/Fellowship
FH1 Higher Education Blended Component Units
FH2 Higher Education Internal Lending Account
252 Higher Education Non-Proprietary Local Capital Accounts
149 Inst of HI ED-Operating Fees Acct
457 Inst of Hi-Ed Retire Benefits Revol
857 Institution of Higher Education - Annuity and Life Income Account
752 Institutional Clearing/Transmittal Account
651 Institutional Residents' Deposit Account
512 Institutional Stores Account
800 Institutional Welfare/Betterment Account
840 Institutions of Higher Education - Agency Account
522 Institutions of Higher Education - Associated Students' Account
524 Institutions of Higher Education - Bookstore Account
443 Institutions of Higher Education - Data Processing Account
148 Institutions of Higher Education - Dedicated Local Account
859 Institutions of Higher Education - Endowment Local Account
569 Institutions of Higher Education - Food Services Account
145 Institutions of Higher Education - Grant and Contracts Account
573 Institutions of Higher Education - Housing and Food Account
460 Institutions of Higher Education - Motor Pool Account
570 Institutions of Higher Education - Other Enterprises Account
450 Institutions of Higher Education - Other Facilities Account
528 Institutions of Higher Education - Parking
448 Institutions of Higher Education - Printing Account
440 Institutions of Higher Education - Stores Account
849 Institutions of Higher Education - Student Loan Account
850 Institutions of Higher Education - Work Study Account
860 Institutions of Higher Education -Institutional Financial Aid Account
508 Miscellaneous Enterprise Activities Account
759 Miscellaneous Program Account
645 Washington State Historical Trust Account