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Numeric listing by roll-up fund

General Fund (Fund Type - AA)

General Fund - Basic Account (AA)

Administrative Accts in the General Fund (AC)

Other Accounts in the General Fund (AZ)

Special Revenue Funds (Fund Type - BA)

Motor Vehicle Fund (BA)

Multimodal Transportation Fund (BB)

Central Admin and Regulatory Fund (BD)

Human Services Fund (BE)

Wildlife and Natural Resources Fund (BF)

Higher Education Fund (BG)

Local Construction and Loan Fund (BH)

Enterprise Funds (Fund Type - FA)

Workers' Compensation Fund (FB)

Lottery Fund (FD)

Institutional Fund (FE)

Unemployment Compensation (FG)

Higher Education Student Services Fund (FH)

Other Activities Fund (FI)

Health Insurance Fund (FJ)

State Guaranteed Education Tuition Prog (FK)

Paid Family and Medical Leave Comp Fund (FL)

Internal Service Funds (Fund Type - GA)

General Services Fund (GA)

Data Processing Revolving Fund (GB)

Higher Education Revolving Fund (GD)

Risk Management Fund (GE)

Investment Trust Funds (Fund Type - HB)

Local Government Pooled Investment Fu (IA)

Pension Trust Funds (Fund Type - HC)

Public Employees' Plan 1 (HA)

Public Employees' Plan 2 & 3 (HB)

Teachers' - Plan 1 (HE)

Teachers' - Plan 2 & 3 (HF)

Public Safety Employees' Plan 2 (HH)

L.E.O.F.F. - Plan 1 (HI)

L.E.O.F.F. - Plan 2 (HJ)

WA State Patrol - Plan 2 (HK)

WA State Patrol - Plan 1 (HL)

Judicial Retirement System (HM)

Volunteer Firefighters' Retirement Fund (HN)

Judges Supplemental Retirement Dc Fund (HP)

Judges Retirement Fund (HQ)

School Employees' Plan 2 & 3 (HR)

Deferred Compensation Trust Fund (HT)

Reserve Officers' Retirement Fund (HU)

Higher Ed Retirement Plan Suppl Benefit (HV)

General Capital Assets (Fund Type - IA)

General Capital Assets Subsidiary (LA)

General Long-Term Obligations (Fund Type - JA)

General LT Obligations Subsidiary (LB)

Discrete Component Unit - Proprietary Funds (Fund Type - MA)

Proprietary Fund Type Financing Authorit (MZ)