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Washington Management Service recruitment & hiring

Recruitment and hiring of Washington Management Service positions takes place at the agency level.  Each state agency has a recruitment and selection policy and/or procedure that best meet the client, employee, management, and organizational needs. State rules require the policy and procedures for recruitment and selection to be flexible and permit methods and strategies to be varied and customized to meet the agency’s recruiting and selection needs.

Where do I find Washington Management Service jobs?

Agencies market, recruit and hire for Washington Management Service positions in many different forums. The more common places to find job postings or information about these jobs are:

How do I apply?

Each agency has their own requirements for processing applications, but they generally include an updated resume and other application materials specific to their needs. You can find detailed information on the job posting.

What should I know before I apply for a Washington Management Service job?

Anyone applying for a Washington Management Service job should educate themselves about the employees and requirements of this personnel system.  You can do this by reviewing the questions and answers on Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 357-58 (Washington Management Service Rules).

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