Statewide Layoff List

Under Washington State's Civil Service Rules, the Statewide Layoff List provides employment opportunities throughout general government. The list is available to employees who have:

  • Been laid off or are scheduled for layoff.
  • Accepted a voluntary demotion in lieu of layoff.
  • Accepted through layoff a less than comparable position.
  • Remained in a position reallocated to a lower salary range.

Employees on the list are eligible for:

  • Classes in which they have held permanent status, and that have the same salary range as the class from which they were laid off, or a lower salary range.
  • Lower level classes in the series from which they were laid off. Note: the employees need not have held permanent status in the lower level classes.

The Statewide Layoff List is administered by the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services. Follow the steps of the Layoff User Guide to check for eligible layoff candidates. For more information, please contact us at:


Last updated
Monday, November 8, 2021
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