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Transition Review Periods (for nonrepresented employees)

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An employer may require a six-month transition review period for any employee hired as a layoff option or off a layoff list or the General Government Transition Pool (GGTP). The purpose of the review period is to ensure that the employee can successfully perform the position's duties.

Employers may not require a review period when the employee is hired into a comparable position with the same job duties.

When a review period is required, the employer must provide the employee with:

  1. Written notice.
  2. Instruction and/or training in the duties of the new position during the review period.

During the review period, the employee may choose to voluntarily separate, or the employer may involuntarily separate the employee.

If the employee voluntarily separates, the employee's name must be placed on any appropriate layoff lists. An employee may choose to separate up to three times.

If the employer involuntarily separates the employee, the employee must be provided another layoff option. The separation may not be appealed.

If a separated employee was originally appointed from a layoff list or the GGTP, his or her name must be put back on all prior lists. The employee's name will remain on the lists until their initial eligibility expires or he or she is rehired.

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