Talent Management Council

Staff support
  • Cassie Bordelon (OFM)
  • Don Chavez (OFM)
Executive Sponsor
  • Michaela Doelman (DES)

The Talent Management Council serves as the state’s recruitment advisory and coordinating group.  The council works collaboratively with OFM State Human Resources, DES Workforce Support and Development, and agency HR offices to provide recommendations on strategic staffing efforts across state government.


  • Provide feedback and input on staffing issues and strategies, metrics, and data definitions.
  • Share information with and solicit input from the broader state staffing and HR communities.
  • Engage and foster relationships with Higher Education and private sector organizations to drive strategic staffing practices.
  • Provide feedback and recommendations on HR development strategies that relate to staffing.


The Talent Management Council meets on the second Tuesday of each month 9–11 a.m. at OFM State Human Resources in the Raad Building.


Talent Management Council Charter (includes current focus of the council and the role of members)