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Rules Review Meetings

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What is the Rules Review Meeting and when is it held?

The Rules Review Meeting is a monthly meeting to discuss issues relating to the civil service rules (Title 357 WAC).

How do I know what is being discussed at the meeting? 

An agenda for each meeting is emailed to the Rules Listserv approximately two business days prior to the meeting and the agenda is posted on the State Human Resources office rules website. Typically, agenda items are proposals for the establishment of new rules or the modification of existing rules.

What is the purpose of the meeting?

This meeting is an opportunity for agency and higher education institutions to come together to discuss rule proposals. A decision is made at the meeting regarding what to do with each agenda item. An item may be moved forward to the next Director’s meeting for proposed adoption or a decision may be made to bring the item back to the next rules meeting for further discussion.

How is the meeting conducted?

The meeting is informal and facilitated by State Human Resources staff. Each agenda item is discussed and participants are encouraged to make suggestions and raise questions or concerns. No official meeting minutes are kept.

Who may attend the meeting?

The meeting is open to employees who have been designated by their state agency/ higher education institution HR Managers to stay informed on rule proposals being discussed. Attendees usually are human resource staff from state employers and union representatives.

If you are interested in attending the monthly rules review meeting, please contact your HR Manager. Any requests to attend these meetings must be approved by HR Managers.

If you are a union representative and are interested in attending the monthly rule review meeting, please email the Rule Team at

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