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Statewide Exit Survey

The statewide employee exit survey partners with agencies to collect data on why employees leave, where they are going, and understanding retention short comings. State HR manages the survey, collects the data, and analyzes the responses. Agencies may request data to distribute to agency leadership and inform internal HR departments to make better data-driven decisions. The statewide exit survey provides both the employee and organization the ability to end the work relationship in a productive manner. 

The survey is administered by the Office of Financial Management – State Human Resources. Employees are expected to receive the survey by the organization they are leaving prior to exiting. Any employee leaving is eligible for the survey with the exception of terminated employees. Employees are not required to take the survey. Survey data submitted by the employee may not be immediately reviewed or monitored. If an employee would like to file a complaint, please use the resources webpage to find the best way to assist in the matter.

The dashboard below provides a summary view of enterprise and agency specific exit survey results. Utilize the filters and click the visuals for an interactive view of the data. 

Washington State Employee Exit Survey Dashboard


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Monday, April 22, 2024
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