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Workforce diversity, equity and inclusion

We embrace workforce diversity, equity and inclusion, through the elimination of barriers to growth and opportunity, allowing each employee to contribute their full measure of talent, and building our capacity to deliver innovative, effective, and culturally relevant services to all the people of Washington.

Statewide Workforce Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council

The DEI Council is the state's advisory and coordinating group, supporting strategic diversity, equity and inclusion efforts across state government.

DEI Empowerment Conference

The 2023 conference will be held on Wednesdays in June and will be free and open to all state employees.

Executive orders and directives

Executive orders and directives from Governor Inslee to enhance the recruitment, retention and safety of our state’s workforce.

Statewide business resource groups

Statewide business resource groups bring together groups of employees and their allies who have a common interest or characteristic. Members bring their unique knowledge and perspectives, making them an asset to state business needs, such as recruitment and retention.

Statewide workforce DEI events calendar

Find out when and where statewide business resource groups are meeting.

State employee DEI training and development

HR Directive 23-01 requires foundational diversity, equity and inclusion training for all employees of executive branch agencies. Learn about what's in the training and how to take it.

Diversity, equity and inclusion data and resources

Resources for HR staff and managers on how to build a case for diversity at your workplace, measure diversity, and manage cultural change.

Veterans in state government

Information for HR staff on how to increase employment opportunities for transitioning military service members in Washington state.

Persons with disabilities in state government

Learn about best practices for recruiting persons with disabilities, the Supported Employment in State Government program, providing reasonable accomodations, creating an accessible and inclusive work environment, and addressing under-reporting of persons with disabilities.

Equal employment opportunity

How equal employment opportunity connects with diversity management and affirmative action.

Affirmative action

Links to federal regulations and state laws requiring affirmative action and non-discrimination, and information on reporting requirements for state agencies.



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