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Affirmative action laws and rules applicable in Washington

Federal regulations and state laws requiring affirmative action and non-discrimination:

Definitions related to affirmative action

U.S. Department of Labor

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

Federal enforcement agencies

Federal laws and regulations

Washington enforcement agency

Washington laws and regulations

Chapter 49.74.005 RCW Legislature’s Findings regarding Affirmative Action
RCW Chapter 41.06.150 Rule making mandatory subjects
RCW Chapter 41.06.530 WA state policy on diversity in state government
RCW Chapter 41.06.500 AA rules for Executive Cabinet Agency Managers
RCW Chapter 43.43.340 WA State Patrol’s AA in hiring for state troopers
RCW Chapter 49.60.400 WA Law Against Discrimination
Chapter 357-25 WAC Guidance to employers on affirmative action
Executive Order 96-04 Implementing the ADA
Executive Order 89-01 Implementing the WA state Sexual Harassment Policy
Executive Order 12-02 Diversity and Inclusion
Executive Order 22-02 Achieving Equity in Washington State Government
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