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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Council serves as the state’s advisory and coordinating group and works collaboratively with the Office of Financial Management Statewide Human Resources, Results Washington, the Department of Enterprise Services and State Agency Offices to support strategic diversity, equity and inclusion efforts across state government. .

The council develops recommendations on statewide diversity, equity and inclusion polices and strategies, and provides input on issues brought to the council by the HR Directors and Management Community and Results Washington.

2017–19 focus

  • Rebrand and relaunch the DEI Council across state government
  • Provide ongoing feedback and recommendations on proposed new DEI trainings and the Results Washington Goal 5 map measure: “Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive Workforce”
  • Create a sustainable annual DEI signature event for employee development


Name Agency

Ben Lastimado

Washington State Patrol

Theresa Powell

Washington State Department of Social and Health Services

Juan Alaniz

Washington State Healthcare Authority

Betsy Vandrush-Borgacz

Washington State Department of Licensing

Dennis Lienemann

Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs

Teri Vidallon

Washington State Department of Financial Institutions

Alexandra Manual

Washington State Professional Educator Standards Board

Betty DeVos

Washington State Department of Revenue

Laurie Pate

Washington State Department of Enterprise Services

Tammy Pitre

Washington State Office of Financial Management/State Human Resources (Facilitator)

Marika Barto

Washington State Department of Natural Resources

Rafeaah Sok

Washington State Department of Transportation

Imelda Ang

Washington State Department of Labor and Industries

Shawn Murinko

Washington State Department of Health

Kristin Collins

Legislative Support Services

Kim Siebs

Washington State Attorney General’s Office

Eric Sund

Washington State Department of Corrections

Teresa Eckstein

Washington State Employment Security Department

Mark Adreon

Washington State Department Services for the Blind

Brandy Wilson

Washington State Office of Financial Management/State Human Resources (Staff)