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2020 DEI Summit Media "What's Your Vision"

Summit information

Presentations and Materials

Topic Speaker

A Word From Our Governor Jay Inslee (video)

Governor Jay Inslee

Comments from Lieutenant Governor Cyrus Habib (video)

Lt. Governor Cyrus Habib


The Defamation Experience

Creating a More Inclusive Work Environment (video)

Emerging Through Bias: Creating a More Inclusive Work Environment (PPT)

Judge Helen Whitener

Bias Blocker 1 (video)

Bias Blocker 2 (video)

Bias Blocking (PPT)

Professor Julie Kmec

Privilege Walk (video)

LaShanda Reed-Larry

Tools for Engaging in Courageous Conversations 1 (video)

Tools for Engaging in Courageous Conversations 2 (video)

Cultural Competence:Tools for Engaging in Courageous Conversations about Race (PPT)

Norms Participant handout (PDF)

Dr. Caprice Hollins

Unpacking & Navigating Micro Aggressions (video)

Microagressions Workshop Lyrics Packet (WORD)

Unpacking and navigating microaggressions (PPT)

Parfait Bassale

Keynote Speaker (video)

Dr. Randal Pinkett

Tim Wise Keynote (video)

Tim Wise

Micro Aggressions and Mental Health (video)

Microaggressions and Mental Health (PPT)

Ashley McGirt

DEI Basics Unpacked 1 (video)

DEI Basics Unpacked 2 (video)

Melanie Denise-Cunningham

Developing a Team of Inclusion Practitioners (video)

Taking it to the Next level; Develop Greater Internal Capacity and Critical infrastructure to Achieve inclusion Goals (PDF)

Links to free webinar (PDF)

Group Identity Cards (website)

Expanded Handout -Inclusion Partner Handout (website)

Group Identity Cards – How to Use Them (website)

Dr. Kathy Obear

DEI Through Outdoor Play (video)


Empowering Inclusive Leaders (Video)

Instructions for Brainwriting (Word)

Empowering Inclusive Leadership (PPT)

Brainstorming Results (Word)

Ed Gamache

Implicit Bias 1 (video)

Implicit Bias 2 (video)

Implicit Bias 3 (video)

Implicit Bias the Unconscious Mind (PPT)

Raul Leal Trujillo

Honoring Our Land /Tribes/First Nations (video)

Chairman Bean

Gender Equity & Parity In the Workplace (video)

KD Hall

Developing a Language Access Plan (video)

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance Plan for Government Agencies

Best Practices for Developing a Language Access Plan for Government Agencies

Carolyn Cole

Data Panel (video)

Measurining DEI at Labor & Industries (PDF)

Using Data to Explain Health Disparities (PDF)

Richards, Harrison and Sabel

How We Got Here Part 1 (video)

How We Got Here Part 2 (video)

How We Got Here Presentation (PPT)

City of Tacoma

Some People are Transgender (video)

Gender Diversity: The Intersection of Transgender and Intersex identities (PPT)

Erika Laurentz

Cross Agency Government to Government Panel 1 (video)

Cross Agency Government to Government Panel 2 (video)

Panel Presentation (PPT)

Cross-Agency Panel: Government-to-Government Relations between the State and Indian Nations

Leadership Panel Part 1 (video)

Leadership Panel Part 2 (video)

Leadership Panel


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