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Diversity tips for managers and supervisors

  • Have a working knowledge and adhere to Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), affirmative action, reasonable accommodation, sexual harassment and alternative dispute resolution policies. 
  • Knowledge of when to seek counsel regarding related issues.
  • Resolve employee issues and complaints at the lowest level and refer unresolved complaints to appropriate sources.
  • Foster an environment that values and respects individual differences.
  • Take an active role in prevention of harassment behavior.
  • Understand and adhere to federal and state regulations regarding staffing practices.
  • Understand recruitment options and collaborate with HR staff throughout the staffing process (recruiting, hiring, staffing).
  • Establish and regularly assess staffing plans that meet workforce needs.
  • Review and develop position descriptions, responsibilities, and duties according to the job necessity.
  • Assist employees to assess competency skill gaps and create and implement individual development plans.
  • Foster employees’ potential and career goals for effective succession planning [Word doc] and retention.
  • Be aware of employee development resources and opportunities.
  • Manage workload to support employees and ensure they have sufficient time available to participate in developmental opportunities. 
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