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Agency local funds

Local funds are funds outside of the state treasury that are managed by a state agency.

10-year capital plan and expenditures

The following section presents three tables that describe the 2019-29 capital plan. The first table, the 10-year capital plan project listing, displays the recommended capital plan for each agency by project and fund source. Table 2 displays the 2019-21 capital program by source of funds, and Table 3 displays the 2019-29 10-year plan by appropriation type.

Assumptions used in the development of the 10-year plan include the following:

2019-29 capital plan

Governor Inslee’s proposed capital budget appropriates nearly $5 billion (all funds) for state construction projects, grant and loan programs for local governments, and to build and improve K-12 schools and facilities for higher education. An average of 14,000 jobs per year will be created or sustained by the work funded in the capital budget.

Gov. Inslee's proposed 2019-21 budgets

Budget and policy highlights

Decisions behind the governor's budget proposal, highlighting major areas of change.

Interactive budget visualization

Drill down into the budget in this interactive chart to find descriptions of every change proposed in the governor’s budget.

Appropriations bills - 2018 supplemental

The appropriations bills proposed by Governor Inslee for the 2018 supplemental and any documents referenced in the supplemental appropriations bills are included on this page.

2018 Supplemental Operating - HB 2299/SB 6032

Agency recommendation summaries - 2018 supplemental

Individual agency recommendation summaries display the dollar and FTE differences between each agency’s current 2017-19 expenditure authority and the 2018 supplemental revisions proposed by Governor Inslee. This document also includes the 2018 supplemental capital project agency detail, capital plan project list, fund summary and alternate financing projects.

The following statewide adjustments appear in numerous agency budgets:

Gov. Inslee's proposed 2018 supplemental budget

Budget highlights

Read about the decisions behind Gov. Inslee's budget proposal, highlighting major areas of change.