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Agency recommendation summaries - 2018 supplemental

Individual agency recommendation summaries display the dollar and FTE differences between each agency’s current 2017-19 expenditure authority and the 2018 supplemental revisions proposed by Governor Inslee. This document also includes the 2018 supplemental capital project agency detail, capital plan project list, fund summary and alternate financing projects.

The following statewide adjustments appear in numerous agency budgets:

  • Administrative Hearings
  • Archives and Records Management
  • Audit Services
  • Consolidated Technical Services (CTS) Central Services
  • CTS Fee for Service Adjustment
  • Department of Enterprise Services (DES) Central Services
  • DES Rate Compensation Changes
  • Initiative 732 COLA
  • Legal Services
  • Move Pension Fund Shift to Agencies
  • Office of Financial Management (OFM) Central Services
  • OFM Human Resource Services
  • Paid Family Leave–Employer Premium
  • Paid Family Leave–Low-Wage Employees
  • Public Employee Retirement System & Teachers’ Retirement System Plan 1 Benefit
  • Updated Public Employee Benefit Boards Rate
  • Wellness $25 Gift Card-Federal Tax
  • Workers' Compensation

Compensation adjustments to move funding provided in the 2017-19 operating budget to transportation agencies:

  • General Wage Increase for State Employees
  • Non-represented Job Class Targeted Increases
  • Professional and Technical Employees Local 17 Agreement
  • State Public Employee Benefits Rate
  • State Represented Employee Benefits Rate
  • The Coalition of Unions Agreement
  • Washington Federation of State Employees (WFSE) General Government Agreement
  • Washington Public Employee Association General Government Master Agreement
  • Orca Transit Pass for WFSE and for Employees not in WFSE

Entire Recommendation Summaries Document. This version of the document also contains the 2018 supplemental capital project agency detail, capital plan project list, a fund summary, and proposed alternate financing projects.



Governmental Operations

Human Services - DSHS

Human Services - Other

Natural Resources and Recreation


Kindergarten through Grade 12 Education

Higher Education

Other Education

Special Appropriation Agencies

Statewide expenditure summary

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