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Lunch and Learn sessions offer collaboration opportunity for state HR community

OFM State HR is launching the Lunch and Learn series, monthly hour-long sessions that will provide training and resources to state agency human resources staff. With these sessions, we aim to promote collaboration and learning within the state’s human resources community.

Employment verification and W-2s

If you're looking to verify employment of workers from state agencies, or get information about W-2s, please contact the employing agency HR office.

Update on IT classification implementation

During July and August 2017 Statewide IT Position Evaluation teams evaluated over 4,000 IT position descriptions for placement in the new IT classification structure.  The project team is currently working with agency and institution HR offices to validate the initial evaluation results.  Additionally, scheduling of evaluations is in process for a number of positions that did not go through the evaluation process conducted during the formal evaluation sessions this summer. 

Employee engagement problem-solving worksheet Q&A

Who should use the problem-solving worksheet? 

Anyone who seeks to improve employee engagement using structured, scientific problem-solving. 

IT classification & compensation restructure

The state is implementing a new information technology (IT) professional/technical classification and compensation structure. This means that all state agency and higher education classified IT positions, and some Washington Management Service IT positions, have been evaluated for allocation into the new structure. The new structure goes into effect July 1, 2019. 

HR leadership & development

HR leadership in Washington state government is shared enterprise responsibility. Key partners include:

Diversity, equity and inclusion resources

What is a diversity initiative?

Learn how you can get a diversity initiative started in your organization.

How to build a case for diversity

What to consider when building a case for a diversity initiative in your organization.