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Population of Hispanic/Latino origin

Year Population
2022 1,139,944
2010 755,790
2000 441,510
1990 214,570
1980 120,016

As a Percent of Total Population

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  • The question on Spanish/Hispanic/Latino origin is separate from the question on race. Persons of Hispanic or Latino origin may be of any race.
  • The 1980 and 1990 censuses asked people if they were of "Spanish/Hispanic origin or descent" and, if so, to choose Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, or other Spanish/Hispanic.
  • In Census 2000, people of Spanish/Hispanic/Latino origin could identify as Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, or other Spanish/Hispanic/Latino.
  • The term "Latino" appeared on the census form for the first time in 2000.
  • The Hispanic/Latino population is increasing steadily in Washington, almost doubling during the 1990s and reaching 14.5% of the population by 2022.
  • In 2022 Washington ranked 12th highest among the states in total Hispanic/Latino population and 15th in percent share of Hispanic/Latino population.

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