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Welcome to our new website

October 20, 2017

Welcome to our new website. We hope you like it. Here are six things that have changed for the better:

  1. It’s easier to use on mobile devices and touchscreens, but also expands with more white space on desktop browsers to be easier on the eyes.
  2. It’s more accessible for persons with disabilities.
  3. Less is more: We’ve removed a lot of out-of-date content so you don’t have to cut through the clutter to find what you need.
  4. We worked with our site visitors to get their feedback on how they would organize things on the site. We built the new site based on that feedback.
  5. We publish a wide range of data, records and publications. We’ve tried to make it easier for you to sort, filter and search for what you need. (Examples are our publications, annexation records and adopted rules.)
  6. It’ll be easier to find the latest major updates on the site by just checking ‘What’s new’ on the home page or any of the main section pages.

Thank you to all our customers who gave us feedback during the process and volunteered their time to help us test the website.

We know when a website changes, sometimes it can be frustrating and difficult to find things that have moved. We’ve redirected old pages to new pages, but we may have missed some. If you have feedback or questions, please send us an email.