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Central Annexation Tracking System

The purpose of this site is to provide a convenient location where federal and state agencies, local governments, organizations, and members of the public can obtain information about annexations. State agencies that use this site include WSDOT Geographic Services, DOR Tax Payer Account Administration, and DOR Property Tax Division.

Posting on this website does not replace reporting to DOR by counties and cities. RCW requirements are still in effect.

The electronic files shown here do not constitute legal documents. Legal versions are filed at OFM and copies can be obtained by contacting the Forecasting and Research Division at 360-902-0599.

Materials are posted when they are received by OFM and updated as appropriate. They may not be accurate until an OFM File Number is assigned. See the certificate to view the current status of an annexation.

*: Amending ordinance.
-: De-annexation.
N/A: A Section 508 accessible version of the ordinance is not available.
Blank: OFM is missing information or an OFM File Number is not yet assigned.

Citysort descending Ordinance Number Date Received Effective Date Approval Date Files
Benton City 1032 01/19/2022 Unsigned Ord
Signed Ord
Pasco 4568 01/07/2022 01/12/2022 Unsigned Ord
Signed Ord
Cert Final
Yakima 2021-026 01/19/2022 03/22/2022 Unsigned Ord
Signed Ord
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