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OFM Supplier Diversity Program

Program executive sponsor and lead
  • Roselyn Marcus, Executive Sponsor: (360) 688-3462
  • Natalie Eckart, Program Lead: (360) 790-4823

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OFM Supplier Diversity Program

OFM is committed to combating discrimination and ensuring that public money is spent equitably in the private sector by creating meaningful opportunities for small and diverse businesses to work with us through contracts and purchasing.  

While there is no guarantee that you will gain business with our agency, this webpage is designed to inform you as to how to work with us and learn about upcoming opportunities. 

Free Certification through June 2025

Get certified with OMWBE for FREE until June 2025! OMWBE waived certification fees through June of this year at OMWBE's 40th Anniversary event in September, 2023. They are thrilled to announce FREE Certification will continue for another year!


Out of our total amount spent on vendor purchases, our goal is to spend at least 10% with minority-owned businesses, 6% with women-owned businesses, and 5% with veteran-owned businesses. This includes the total amount spent by OFM, the Governor's Office, and agencies established within the Governor's Office.

Tip of the month 

If you are a small, minority-, women-, or veteran-owned business, ensure you are eligible to do business with us by first registering as a statewide vendor.  This will make the payment process quicker. Learn how to register.

Doing business with OFM

Read about the steps to follow to be able to provide purchased services/goods to us:

How to do business with OFM 

Current and upcoming opportunities 

Get notified of opportunities by signing up for updates

See a spreadsheet of current and upcoming opportunities [Excel]

Items we purchase most frequently 

Items most commonly purchased by OFM

Resources for small and diverse businesses 

Pro-Equity Anti-Racism Team 

On March 21, 2022, Governor Inslee issued Executive Order 22-04 Implementing the Washington State Pro-Equity Anti-Racism (PEAR) Plan & Playbook.  The PEAR Plan & Playbook establishes a unified vision of equity for state government which includes, mission, values, and goals, and embeds these within every government action across state government. State agencies are required to develop, implement, and report on the progress of its PEAR Strategic Action Plan. 

In its efforts to eliminate disparities, OFM has completed its Initial Baseline Equity Impact Review (EIR) and has established its initial PEAR Team, which has selected its first set of Service Line Priorities and Investments, upon which the agency will focus in the OFM PEAR Strategic Action Plan. 

Read our PEAR statement

One of the selected priorities is that of supplier diversity. It is the goal of OFM to increase contracts and purchases made with diverse businesses.  OFM has invited members of diverse business groups to serve on the subcommittee that will be working on this priority.  If you wish to provide information or feedback, send it to us at

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