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Statewide Payee Desk

Please note that we are changing the name of the Statewide Vendor Desk to the Statewide Payee Desk.  For that reason, you may see the program referenced both ways.  We appreciate your patience and understanding as we make that transition.

The Statewide Payee Desk maintains a central file that is used by all Washington State agencies to process payments to individuals and businesses. 

This site contains the electronic form that you will need to register with the Statewide Payee Desk.  The form will ask for the information we need to identify you or your business, send payments to your bank or address, and contact you with information or questions.  We will need to have you complete and sign the form and email it to us. 

You can use the same form to change your registration. 

From this page you may also look for answers to other questions you might have about the Statewide Payee program, and learn about how you can receive notification of bid opportunities.


Statewide Vendor/Payee Services

Contact information

Statewide Payee Desk
360-407-8180 ext 5
360-664 3363 (Fax)
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