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Statewide business resource groups

Statewide business resource groups (BRGs) bring together groups of employees and their allies who have a common interest or characteristic. All BRGs have a charter, mission, goals and bylaws and contribute to an overall statewide business strategy.  BRG members bring their unique knowledge and perspectives, making them an asset to state business needs, such as recruitment and retention.


Veteran’s Employee Resource Group (VERG)

The VERG exists to help integrate the experience, values, and knowledge of both veterans and service members in state employment.  This employee resource group supports former and active military personnel and their families through a system of comprehensive activities and developmental opportunities.

VERG website



Rainbow Alliance and Inclusion Network (RAIN)

The RAIN BRG exists to help Washington State create safe and inclusive workplaces where every LGBTQ+ employee can bring their full authentic self to work, enabling them to do their best work every day for the people of Washington. The group will provide resources and support to employees and the stakeholders serviced by state agencies.



Latino Leadership Network (LLN)

The LLN of Washington State facilitates shaping a qualified, connected and inspired state Latino workforce and leaders for today and tomorrow.

See upcoming LLN events.


People with disabilities

Disability Inclusion Network Business Resource Group (DIN BRG)

The DIN BRG exists to engage the experience, values and knowledge of people with disabilities in state government, promoting universal access, and creating an environment where people with disabilities can fully participate in all aspects of the workplace.



Washington Immigrant Network (WIN)

WIN’s mission is to expand opportunities for immigrants who are current and future employees within Washington state government. The group serves as a resource for all immigrants who are state employees to connect, share, and educate each other and Washington state agencies on the skills, expertise and cultural value of a diverse workforce.