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Federal COVID-19 response funding distributed through state government

Performance reports

Washington has never experienced such an economic and public health upheaval as the COVID-19 pandemic. To safely rebuild the state, our work is not done until we come together to defeat this virus and redesign our economy to be more versatile and equity-centered. As required by the U.S. Treasury, this annual report outlines where and how Washington plans to use Coronavirus State Fiscal Relief Funds to support the response and recovery effort. Backed by data, the report demonstrates how these funds will affect the lives of Washingtonians as we seek relief, recovery and – above all – stay resilient.

How federal funds have been allocated

Since March of 2020, Washington state government has received about $10.9 billion from the federal government to support COVID-19 pandemic response, relief and recovery efforts. The data visualization below enables you to see how that funding was allocated by OFM or appropriated by the Legislature. It includes funding from a variety of federal sources:

(Note: The data visualization only includes federal COVID-related funding distributed through state government. It does not include funding the federal government sent directly to cities and counties, businesses and individuals.)

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