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What is standby pay?

Standby pay is additional pay for employees required to be immediately available for duty.  

Who is eligible for standby pay and how is it earned?

Overtime-eligible employees are eligible for standby pay (WAC 357-28-205).  To qualify, employees must be required by their employer to restrict their off-duty activities to be immediately available for duty.

How is standby pay applied?

The rate of standby pay is 7% of an employee’s base hourly rate (WAC 357-28-210). If an employer compensates overtime exempt employees, the rate of standby pay must be set at $25.00 per day. The Director of the Office of the State HR Director may approve exceptions to standby rates based upon business requirements.

Note: Rules and practices may vary between represented and non-represented employees. Check the applicable Collective Bargaining Agreement, or talk to the agency’s or institution’s Human Resource staff.

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