Salary schedules

Salaries may vary depending on whether a position is non-represented or union represented. Check with the human resources office at your agency or institution to find out whether you're represented and who represents you.

For information on Apprentice and Certificated Teachers, visit Apprenticeship and Certificated Teachers Jobs and Salary Schedules.


***Beginning July 1, 2023, Range 30, Step B will be considered the new minimum of the salary range for the 7/1/2023 salary schedules.





*N Range - Range used for classes requiring licensure as a registered nurse


General Service Salary Schedules

General Service 1 Salary Schedules

Special Salary Ranges

  • Apprentice Salary Schedule - (Effective July 1, 2023) Jobs paid on a progressively increasing schedule of wages based on specific percentage of journey-level consistent with skills acquired.


N1 and N2 ranges - ranges used for classes requiring licensure as a registered nurse

N1 Range

N2 Range


SP Ranges - Applies to the State Patrol’s Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officers, Commercial Vehicle Officers, and Communications Officers

SP Range

V Range - Applies to certificated teachers (See RCW 72.40.028)

Nonrepresented Management Salary Structure Information

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Friday, July 7, 2023
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