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What is Assignment Pay (AP)?

Assignment Pay (AP) is a premium added to base salary to recognize specialized skills, assigned duties, and/or unique circumstances that exceed the ordinary. Assignment pay is intended to be used only as long as the skills, duties or circumstances it is based on are in effect.

Who is eligible for assignment pay?

Employees in those positions identified as requiring the above mentioned specialized skills are eligible to receive AP. The employer determines the qualifying positions.

How is assignment pay earned?

Assignment pay is earned according to Assignment Pay References  that are identified by a specific number. Each reference describes the specific circumstances and applications (duties, skills, agency and job classes) that apply to that category.

How is assignment pay applied?

Assignment pay is categorized under the following groups:

Is a Fiscal Impact Statement (FIS) required for assignment pay requests?

Before the State Human Resource Director can adopt certain changes to the state's classification and pay systems, the Office of Financial Management (OFM) must review and approve the fiscal impact of those changes.

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