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Director's Meeting: June 10, 2021

Meeting Date and Time
06/10/2021 8:30 am
Meeting Address
Special Note: Due to current COVID-19 safety and health recommendations, this meeting is via conference call only. Dial-in: (888) 285-8919 Enter pin: 8101730 Code: (if asked): 415
Meeting Description

Public Meeting

Meeting Documents
Meeting Additional Information
Instructions to Testify Remotely

If you know in advance you would like to speak to a proposed exhibit(s) or rules item(s) appearing on this agenda, please email by 5:00 p.m. on June 8, 2021; include your name, job title, and agency or institution or organization you are representing. Persons signed up to testify, will be added to the meeting roster which will be available to the Assistant Director of the State Human Resources Division on the day of the Director's meeting.


If you are not listed on the meeting roster, but wish to speak to a proposed exhibit(s) or rules item(s) presented the day of the meeting, you may unmute your phone and bring this to the attention of the meeting facilitator. You will be asked to clearly state your name, job title, and agency or other organization you are representing for the record.


After the proposed item(s) are presented, the Assistant Director will pause and ask participants if they would like to comment. 


During the remote meeting proceedings, all participants must mute their phone while on the conference call to prevent background noise, and only unmute to testify.