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State & local government revenue sources

Washington state & local government revenue sources, Fiscal Year 2019

($ millions)

Source Amount
Sales & Gross Receipts Tax $28,326
Property Tax $12,965
Individual & Corporate Income Tax $0
Other Taxes $4,704
Education Charges $3,726
Hospital Charges $5,431
Other Charges $15,457
Interest Earnings $1,957
Other General Revenue $4,247
Total $76,812

Fiscal Year 2019

  • Washington is slightly more dependent on charges for services than the U.S. average.
  • Washington is one of a few states without personal or corporate income taxes.
  • Washington depends more heavily on excise taxes, including the general sales & use tax, selective sales taxes, and the gross receipts tax (business & occupation tax) than most any other state.
  • Washington is the only state with a general gross receipts tax - the Business & Occupation Tax.

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