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What is MyPortal?

MyPortal is an employee self-service tool that allows employees to view their earnings statements and Forms W-2 as well as manage addresses, emergency contacts, demographic information, and modern work environment settings. In addition, participating agencies can also use MyPortal to submit leave requests.

What is MyPortal Leave?

MyPortal leave is an optional feature that is available to agencies who request it. 

How Does An Agency Implement MyPortal Leave?

To implement MyPortal Leave, your agency will work closely with OFM resources during the implementation process. The time and effort required for implementation will depend on the size of your agency and the complexity of your organizational structures.

Prior to submitting a Request for Implementation, complete the Agency Checklist and the Security Spreadsheet. If you need consultation about MyPortal leave, contact OFM Help Desk.

Additional resources to assist you in implementing MyPortal leave:

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