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MyPortal News

What is happening?

MyPortal is implementing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Single Sign On agency users who access MyPortal outside the State Government Network (SGN) or Virtual Private Network (VPN) from a personal device such as a home personal computer, tablet, or smartphone.

What does this mean to you?

Some MyPortal users may have an additional task of authenticating their log on using MFA prior to accessing MyPortal from a personal device. This process is similar to many online banking applications that require a 2-step verification process for logging on.

MFA configuration and administration is managed by each agency and may take the form of Microsoft’s mobile authenticator app, using a pre-set pin, setting up a one-time use code sent via text message or automated voice call. If you need assistance in setting up or using MFA, please contact your agency’s IT support team.


  • Single sign on agency users who are on the SGN or using VPN will not see any changes to the current process of logging on through single sign on.
  • Non single sign on agency users who are not on the SGN or VPN will not see any changes to the current process of logging on.

Why are we making these changes?

We are adding an additional layer of protection to personal information in MyPortal. 

When will this change occur?

June 3, 2021.

Additional information:

Updated log on user procedures and the video demonstration will be available on the MyPortal web page on June 3, 2021.

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