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MyPortal News

What is happening?

The new My Modern Work Environment tile is now live!

What does this mean to you?

You now have the ability to view your current Telework, Flextime, and Compressed Workweek settings as well as the participation eligibility of your assigned Position using the new My Modern Work Environment tile.

You can also request changes to your Telework, Flextime, and Compressed Workweek settings. Your supervisor will receive and review your request and accept or reject the changes within MyPortal using the My Inbox tile.

Changes to Telework, Flextime, or Compressed Workweek settings in MyPortal will be updated in the state Human Resource Management System (HRMS); however, changes will not impact your established work schedule or payroll.

Note: This new module is not expected to replace internal agency policies or processes, or ongoing communication between you and your supervisor. Discussion with your supervisor should occur prior to requesting any changes.

Why are we making these changes?

Creating a self-service tile for modern work environment data supports our goal of providing "flexibility in how, when, and where work gets done so that employees can have work/life balance, improved wellness, a supportive and productive work environment, increased job satisfaction, and engagement." It also allows us to measure the adoption of our modern work environment efforts and work to improve.

These changes will increase the visibility and accuracy of Telework, Flextime, and Compressed Workweek participation data. Currently, HR offices are required to make these changes manually within the state Human Resource Management System (HRMS). By giving you the ability to initiate the change yourself, you and your supervisor can ensure your participation status is up-to-date. 

When will this change occur?

This change was implemented on October 27, 2022.

Additional information:

  • Updated user procedures and frequently asked questions are available on the MyPortal web page.
  • Agencies may develop additional policies around using the new My Modern Work Environment tile so please refer to any agency specific communications you may receive.
  • For information on Gov. Jay Inslee’s executive order on building a modern work environment, see Executive Order 16-07, Building a Modern Work Environment
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