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My Modern Work Environment (MWE)

Use these procedures to display and edit your modern work environment information in MyPortal. For example, you can view your telework, compressed workweek, and flextime settings as well as the participation eligibility of your assigned position. You can also request changes to your telework, compressed workweek, and flextime arrangements.

Modern work environment (MWE) data supports our goal of providing flexibility in how, when, and where work gets done so that employees can have work/life balance, improved wellness, reduce commute trips, a supportive and productive work environment, increased job satisfaction, and engagement.

Requests for changes to your telework, compressed workweek, or flextime information should occur only after discussion and approval between you and your supervisor. This application is not intended to replace internal agency approval processes to participate in these modern work options.

Employee header information in the My Modern Work Environment module comes from the HR/Payroll system (HRMS). If you have questions about this data or need to request an update, contact your Human Resources office.

For definitions, please refer to the HRMS data definitions resource guide.





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