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This procedure will provide recommendations to users accessing MyPortal using assistive technology such as JAWS (Job Access with Speech).

Recommendations are based on testing with keyboard only navigation using JAWS screen reader version 2019.1907.31 along with Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.1268.16299.0. Your user experience may differ based on the screen reader or browser you are using. Please contact your Human Resources office to report a barrier to access.

MyPortal is deployed as an application.  While you access it through a web browser, the controls and navigation are designed as an application.

Accessibility Settings (JAWS)

If you are using JAWS screen reader, you may need to turn off the JAWS virtual cursor.

Main navigation

To access MyPortal application modules:

Select “Home Show all my apps” from the main toolbar navigation and tab to “MyHR Apps”.

Navigate available applications with keyboard directional keys. When focus is set on an application, hit the spacebar to open.

After leaving the main toolbar, all applications are available as tiles that can be navigated with keyboard directional keys. Hit the spacebar to open an application.

A menu for selecting individual applications is available in MyPortal and it changes based on where you are in the application. If you inadvertently select one of these menus, you can press ESC to exit the menu.

A Home drop down box is located at the top of each screen.  Four items are available from this screen and they are ordered in a square grid. You may use the left, right, up, and down arrow keys to navigate within this grid. For example, the first option is My Earnings Statements. From My Earnings Statements, arrow key to the right to access My Addresses. From My Addresses, arrow key down to access My Communication Data. From there, arrow key to the left to access My Emergency Contacts. From there, arrow key back up to access My Earnings Statements once again.

Note: While in the MyPortal environment, the applications mode takes over and it locks in that mode. To get out of the applications mode and return to the virtual mode using JAWS, press the virtual pc key twice.

Form navigation

Keyboard only navigation within the application is a combination of the Tab key and directional keys (left, up, right, down) to select application features and options. ESC will close a form window or return you to the main screen.

Note: Use the virtual cursor to access header information that is available on the My Addresses, My Communication Data, and My Emergency Contacts pages. Summary information is not automatically read by the screen reader and is not accessible by tabbing. 

System settings

The Profile selection allows you to sign out, use the App Finder, change your Home Page layout, or change system settings such as display themes for high/low contrast options.

To access the profile settings:

Select the profile option, which uses your first and last name, in the top navigation for your profile settings.

To sign out, tab to the Sign Out link and hit the spacebar. You will receive a message “Are you sure you want to sign out?” Hit the spacebar again to select OK and sign out of the application.

To change the system settings, Tab to the Settings link and hit the spacebar.

Use the keyboard directional keys to navigate the settings options and configure your settings. Tab to Save or Cancel settings. On Save, you will receive a notification “Your changes have been saved”.

Contrast settings

MyPortal has multiple themes to assist with contrast concerns. To change the theme:

Select the Profile option in the top navigation section.

Select the ‘Settings Button’.

Use the keyboard directional keys to navigate to the ‘palette appearance’ option (second item in the list).

Activate the Appearance options using the Enter key and tab to select a different theme. Tab to Save or Cancel Appearance setting.

Form updates and system notifications

When updating forms you will receive system notifications.

System notifications for form errors may be due to missing or incorrectly formatted fields. For example, all Date fields require a mm/dd/yyyy format.

System notifications are presented as a list.  To view the system notifications list, select the messages button and the hit the Enter key. Hit ESC on your keyboard to close the list of notifications, then Shift-Tab to navigate to the missing or incorrectly formatted fields to correct.

Save/Edit notification – If a save or edit is successful, you will receive a message “record saved”.

Delete notification – If a delete is successful, you will receive a message “record deleted”.

Cancel notification – You may cancel a change to a record prior to saving by selecting “Cancel” (located after the “Save” option). You will receive a “Cancel” notification. Select “OK” to confirm the cancelation.

Earnings statements

The default format of the Earnings Statements is PDF. An HTML version of the statement is also available and the recommended format for users of assistive technologies. To get to the HTML version, tab past the default PDF format.

Sorting your earnings statements – Once the Sort By form has loaded, use the keyboard directional keys to navigate to the sort option and hit the Enter key to activate the selection. Tab to “OK” or “Cancel” to return to the main Earnings Statements page. Note: You must select an Ascending or Descending option and you may only select one of the following: Pay Date, Payroll Type, Gross Pay, Deductions, Take Home Pay.

Grouping your earnings statements – Once the Group By form has loaded, use the keyboard directional keys to navigate to the group option and hit the Enter key to activate the selection. Tab to “OK” or “Cancel” to return to the main Earnings Statements page. Note: You must select an Ascending or Descending option and you may only select one of the following: Payroll Year, Payroll Type, or None.

Earnings statement columns – Once the Columns form has loaded, you can change which columns are displayed by using the keyboard directional keys to navigate to the column and hitting the Enter key to toggle the add/remove option. Tab to “OK” or “Cancel” to return to the main Earnings Statements page.

Leave request

The Start/End Date format required is mm/dd/yyyy dash mm/dd/yyyy. While this format instruction is initially displayed in the field, it is removed when you start to enter dates and you will have to clear the field to get the prompt for formatting again.

Press the Enter key in the Date field when entering a leave request for more than one day. This will calculate the number of hours consumed. If you Tab from the Date field the number of hours may not be calculated.

Emergency contacts

Two options are available in the “Validity” drop down. The default value is “From Date”. Press the space bar to display the “From Date to Date” option. The “From Date to Date” option allows you to set your Emergency contact for a specified period of time.

My addresses

In the “Communication Type” drop down, the first value is blank. Hit the space bar to display the other values in the drop down.

Please be aware the Create button to add a mailing address is located in the heading area of the page to the right of the Permanent residence and Mailing address tabs.

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