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Step 1: Ensure current and accurate position description

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The position description (PD)

  • Is a management form.
  • Is one of the key documents used for allocating a position.
  • Includes the major duties, responsibilities, and organizational relationships of a job. 
  • Is used to make many other personnel decisions such as determining overtime eligibility, developing recruitment plans, identifying training and development needs, developing workforce plans, setting performance expectations, making reasonable accommodations, and determining position requirements in the layoff process.

The manager of the position is responsible for completing the PD.  If the position is filled, input from the incumbent is recommended.  See the official Washington General Service (WGS) PD form.  Employers are not required to use this form.  However, they must use one containing components similar to those found in the state’s form.  The PD must:

  1. List the primary duties and responsibilities currently assigned to the position;
  2. List the required competencies as determined by the employer;
  3. Identify the essential functions; and
  4. Include any other job-related information as needed. 

Ensure the PD is current and accurate

The first step to allocating a position is to ensure you have the most current PD which accurately describes the duties and responsibilities of the position.  You should consult with the supervisor of the position to determine this.  Generally, if the PD is more than three years old you should question whether it is accurate. 

Additional tips and considerations

WAC 357-13-030  
WAC 357-13-035 
WAC 357-13-040 
WAC 357-13-045
Position Description Guidance
WGS Sample Position Description

For represented employees, the classification article in the applicable CBA should be consulted.

Position allocation guidance steps

  1. [Current page] Ensure current and accurate position description
  2. Determine relevant class specifications
  3. Understand allocating criteria
  4. Understand duties in position description
  5. Conduct desk audit
  6. Determine appropriate allocation
  7. Write your decision


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