Step 7: Write Your Decision

In many cases, the Human Resource (HR) Consultant writes the position review decision for the HR Manager’s approval and signature.    

A quality position review write-up:

  • Helps the employee know your decision was based on a thorough analysis.
  • Uses simple, clear, and concise language so the employee understands the decision.
  • Provides documentation if a request for a director’s review is filed. See Request for Director's Review form.

If a request to reallocate a position is granted, the review letter will likely be shorter than if the request is denied.  The employee’s letter will include:

  • New job class
  • Effective date of action
  • Incumbent status
  • Right to request a director’s review

If a request to reallocate a position is denied, or you determine a different class than what was requested, key points for the decision letter include: 

  • Determination decision -- a brief statement of your allocation decision.  Include steps taken in the review process and a list of related classes that were examined.
  • Effect on employee -- statement of any class, salary, and Periodic Increment Date changes (if applicable) and the effective dates.
  • Purpose of a position review -- to determine the class which best describes the overall duties and responsibilities of a position.
  • Employee’s duties -- with percentages of time taken from the current position description and Position Review Request form.
  • Analysis/rationale:
    • Comparison of duties and analysis of class specifications considered that don’t match the position.
    • Comparison of duties and analysis of class specification that best matches the position.
      • State in detail why you believe the classification is the correct allocation; stick to the facts you have on record and write the decision in a neutral tone; back statements up with specific references to the class specification.
      • Use links if necessary to the Glossary of Terms.
      • State the decision is not intended to be an evaluation of the incumbent’s capabilities, an assessment of performance, etc.
  • Right to request director’s review -- include the right to request a review and timelines.

Additional Tips and Considerations

  • See the following: 

        WAC 357-13-060
        WAC 357-13-065
        WAC 357-13-070
        WAC 357-13-075
        WAC 357-13-080
        WAC 357-13-085
        WAC 357-13-090 

·       For represented employees the Classification article in the applicable CBA should be consulted.    

·       Sample position review decisions:

Ensure the manager/supervisor understands the impact of a reallocation.

·         For rule questions, contact SHR rules staff at

Position Allocation Guidance Steps 

Step 1:  Ensure Current and Accurate Position Description

Step 2:  Determine Relevant Class Specifications

Step 3:  Understand Allocating Criteria

Step 4:  Understand Duties in Position Description

Step 5:  Conduct Desk Audit

Step 6:  Determine Appropriate Allocation