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Step 2: Determine Relevant Class Specifications

If you are allocating a new position, the manager will likely have a recommended or suggested class or class series.  If you are allocating an existing position, typically you will start with the current and proposed (or requested) class.  You should also consider other classes in the series.  All classes in the Classified Job Listing are available to use.  You are not limited to the current and proposed class or series. 

Class Specifications:

Contain the allocating criteria adopted by OFM State HR. 

Define the primary purpose of the job, the duties, and level of responsibility. 

Job class specifications are found at: Classified Job Listing.

How do I determine other classes to consider?

You can perform search functions in the Classified Job Listing page such as key words for the work performed by the position. 

Example: at the top of the Classified Job Listing page, click on the option “Search  in Job Specification.” If you enter “animal” several potential classes will appear including animal technicians and veterinary classes.

You can also select an "Occupational Category" to see similar kinds of work under specific groupings.  This may provide additional considerations for related classes.  

Position Allocation Guidance Steps

Step 1:  Ensure Current and Accurate Position Description

Step 3:  Understand Allocating Criteria

Step 4:  Understand Duties in Position Description

Step 5:  Conduct Desk Audit

Step 6:  Determine Appropriate Allocation

Step 7:  Write Your Decision