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Background Check Interagency Work Group

In the 2023-25 operating budget, the Legislature directed OFM to convene an applicant background check work group. The purpose of the work group is to review existing requirements and processes for conducting applicant background checks for people applying for employment or to provide state services.

The work group will provide a preliminary feasibility study, identify enterprise solutions, and develop an implementation plan that may include establishing a state office or systems to centrally manage criminal background check processes. A preliminary report on this was provided in December 2022, with a final report going to the governor and Legislature by June 1, 2023. OFM has contracted with BERK Consulting to facilitiate the work group.

Work group participants

  • Chair: Ross Hunter, Department of Children, Youth and Families, secretary
  • Max Brown, Office of Financial Management, program manager
  • Maureen Bailey, Health Care Authority, recovery support services supervisor
  • Michael Brown, Health Care Authority, assistant director, Division of Program Integrity
  • Deborah Collinsworth, Washington State Patrol, assistant division commander, Identification and Background Check Division
  • Joyce Covey, Department of Corrections, program manager of diversity and recruitment
  • Erik Hansen, Office of Financial Management, senior budget analyst
  • Lori Manning, Department of Social and Health Services, acting director of Human Resources
  • Bill Moneer, Washington Technology Solutions, enterprise systems operations manager
  • Kara Panek, Health Care Authority, behavioral health program professional
  • Chris Parvin, Department of Children, Youth and Families, provider supports administrator
  • Jennifer Simmonds, Office of the Superintendent for Public Instruction, supervisor, Office of Professional Practices
  • Nona Snell, Office of Financial Management, assistant director, Budget Division
  • Genevieve Stokes, Department of Children, Youth and Families, government affairs advisor
  • Melena Thompson, Department of Corrections, director of Executive Policy Office
  • Monika Vasil, Department of Social and Health Services, director of contracts, legal and background checks
  • Robyn Williams, Office of Financial Management, senior budget analyst