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Bill Analysis and Tracking System (BATS)

The Bill Analysis and Tracking System has been replaced by the Bill Enrollment and Agency Request System (BEARS) and it is now read-only. DO NOT use this system other than reference to historical information.

The Bill Analysis and Tracking System (BATS) is used by agencies to manage and track legislation. Agencies create and submit agency request legislation to the Office of Financial Management, manage their agency request legislation, track and analyze bills working their way through the Legislature, and assign tasks and activities related to bills. BATS also is used by OFM and the Governor’s Office to make recommendations and decisions on enrolled bills.

Bill Tracking
BATS provides flexible bill tracking, reporting and analysis methods from bill origin and throughout the legislative process.

  • Bill-related information is loaded into BATS from the Legislative Service Center database hourly.
  • The system can track bills for an individual or an agency and send email notices regarding changes to a bill.
  • Print and mail outsourcing service

Agency Request Legislation
The owner of Agency Request Legislation can:

  • Manage and control access to their information for the purposes of managing, viewing or updating agency requests.
  • Assign or share the request, as well as withdraw a request if the decision is made not to move forward.
  • Submit agency requests to OFM and the Governor’s Office for recommendations and decisions.

Assigning Tasks and Activities 
Users have the ability to create or manage “actions,” such as notes, e-mails, phone calls, letters, faxes or appointments.

Enrolled Bills
Through BATS, OFM and the Governor’s Office can manage bills that get enrolled by the Legislature:

  • OFM analyzes the enrolled bills and makes recommendations to the Governor’s Office.
  • The Governor’s Office is able to check-in bills, view OFM recommendations, manage bill actions and decisions by the Governor, and interface with the Governor’s website to ensure bill action information is up to date for the public.
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