Sample desk audit questions

Desk audits will vary from one position to the next.  The following sample questions may be useful as you prepare for the desk audit:

  • Please give a brief overview of the …(name of employee’s department).
  • What are the key functions of your unit?
  • How long have you been in this position?
  • How long have you been performing these duties?
  • Have the duties changed since you’ve been in this position?  If yes, please describe how and approximately when this occurred.
  • What is the main purpose/goal of your job?
  • Your PD states you … (state what it is that needs clarification such as “direct,” “control,” “are responsible for,” “process,” “maintain,” etc.).  Please explain more about this and what your level of responsibility is.  Do you need to check with someone else for approval or direction?  Do you follow policies, procedures, or guidelines in doing this?  (Please describe)
  • Your PD states you are the expert for….  Please explain what this means and what your role is.  What kinds of problems do you independently resolve?
  • What are some of the most complex problems or situations you deal with?  How often does this occur?  Do you work with others to resolve the problem?
  • Who (what position) do you go to if you have a situation you can’t resolve?  Please give an example from the last six months.
  • Give examples of decisions you make without your supervisor’s approval.
  • Your PD states you represent your supervisor at meetings or in her absence.  Please give examples and describe the extent of your authority.  How often does this occur?
  • Please describe the nature, frequency, and detail of supervision you receive. 
  • Your PD shows you supervise one position, but the organization chart doesn’t show a position reporting to you.  Please clarify.
  • Please explain your level of responsibility for:
    • Selecting staff
    • Training and development
    • Planning and assigning work
    • Evaluating performance
    • Resolving grievances
    • Taking corrective action
  • What specific duties and/or functions do you feel are not within your current job class?  Please explain why you feel these are out of scope of the … class.
  • Is there anything you would like to add that we haven’t discussed?
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