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MyPortal - create emergency contacts

Use this procedure to create your emergency contact information.

Step 1

Click the My Emergency Contacts tile.

Home screen with My emergency contacts tile is highlighted

Step 2

Click the Create button.

Emergency contact screen with create button highlighted

Employees who are not the leave approvers will not see a manager name displayed in the header below Organization Unit.

If a manager’s position is double filled, the manager name displayed on the header may not be an employee’s direct manager. Contact your manager or HR/Payroll office at for questions.

Step 3

Enter the following mandatory fields and click the Save button:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Telephone Number (e.g.: XXX XXXXXXX)

The following fields are optional:

  • Country
  • House Number And Street
  • Address Line 2
  • City
  • ZIP Code
  • State (state options will be populated based on the country selection)

The following fields will default:

  • Validity - Your emergency contact information will be effective from this date forward. Default value of this drop down is From Date. There is another value in this drop down which is "From Date to Date"
  • From - This is the effective date for your emergency contact
  • To - This is the end date for your emergency contact

All Dates are in mm/dd/yyyy format.
Do not use your information from your browser cache to populate the address fields.

New emergency contact form filled out

A “Record saved” message will confirm the Emergency Contact information has been saved and you will be returned to the Emergency Contact page.

When selecting a Validity Period using the “From date to date” option from the Validity dropdown, the To date will default to 12/31/9999. If you want to change the To date, you will need to manually enter the date rather than using the Calendar option since the Calendar will default to the year 9999. The address update is effective the following day or can be dated for the future. No current day or retro dates allowed.

When entering an Emergency Contact address, select a Country first. This will ensure the State list displays USA states only. The Country field does not default to USA since an emergency contact could be outside the United States.

Once you select a country, you must enter all address fields. Do not select the information from the browser (if your browser has stored your information). You will see an error if any in the lower right corner of the page.

The Telephone No. field will accept formats other than (###)###-#### since emergency contact numbers could be outside the United States.

You may receive a system notification due to missing or incorrectly formatted fields. To view the system notifications list click on the message button on the bottom left corner of your form.

You can create multiple emergency contacts.


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