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Financial Reports Inventory

Have a question on what financial reports are available from the Enterprise Reporting Portal? The OFM Enterprise Reporting Services team has put together a list of reports that are available from the Financial Reports folder on the portal.

Click on a report below to view a sample of the report image or hover your cursor over the link to display a short description of the report.

Table of Contents

Account Codes


Accounting > Budget/Actuals

Accounting > Capital Asset Management

Accounting > Exceptions

Accounting > Federal

Accounting > Interagency & Interfund

Administering Agency

Allotment Expenditure Flexible

Allotment Expenditure Monthly BTD

Allotment Expenditure Status

Cost Allocation Operational (For DSHS Only)

Downloads / Extracts


Expenditure Activity

Expenditure Flexible

Financial Statements

Governmental Funds Financial Statements

Changes in General Capital Assets

Changes in General Long-Term Obligations

Proprietary Funds Financial Statements 

Statement of Revenues, Expenses, and Changes in Fund Net Assets

Fiduciary Funds Financial Statements 

Financial Toolbox Downloads

General Ledger

Profit and Loss (For OFM Only)

Profit and Loss

Project to Date


Help Desk

Contact information

OFM Help Desk
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