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MyPortal - log on (returning user)

Use this procedure to log on to MyPortal if you are a returning user who has previously logged on. This procedure can be used by single sign on or non single sign on users.

Step 1

To log on to MyPortal:

  • (most common) – Use this link for single sign on if your agency is part of the State Enterprise Active Directory (EAD) or Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS).
  • – Use this link if your agency does not have single sign on since it is not part of the EAD or ADFS.

Step 2

For single sign on agencies, you will automatically be logged on after entering the MyPortal URL. No User ID or Password is required.

For non-single sign on agencies, enter the following mandatory fields and click Log On:

  • User
  • Password

User name and password fields are displayed with mock data. Log On button is highlighted below.

This procedure assumes you are not a first time user.

The User field is your personnel number. Contact your Human Resources office if you are not sure of your personnel number.

If your personnel number is less than 8-digits, add zeros to the beginning to make it 8-digits (example, 123456 will become 00123456).

If you do not know your personnel number or if you have trouble logging on, contact your Human Resources office.

Your MyPortal account will be locked if you enter the wrong password five times. If this occurs, use the Forgot Password option to reset it.

Your work email is required for sign on agencies. If your agency supports single sign on and you’re logged on to your agency network but you receive a prompt for your Logon ID and password, contact your Human Resources office to ensure the correct email is being used.

If you are a single sign on agency but are accessing MyPortal outside the State Government Network, you will be required to enter your agency’s log on credentials (such as your work email and network password).

Both single sign on and non-single sign on agencies will be directed to the MyPortal Home Page.

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